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12 Beauty And Skincare Brand Launches Of 2019 That Rocked Our World

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I used to not like makeup. In fact, I’d make fun of people who used makeup. At some point, a switch flipped and now here I am I staring into my phone watching tutorials on how to get better at makeup. And the worst part about watching these tutorials is that you end up wanting products that these guys are using which looks all beautiful and amazing. Which is all cool, except most of these products aren’t available here.

Many international websites ship to India, but you end up paying more customs than the amount you spent on the product. I have gone on and off from the websites, sitting hours at a time contemplating whether I need that beautiful eyeshadow palette or highlighter palette and whether it’s okay to ask my parents to mortgage my house for that.

But this year has been amazing for every makeup/skincare junkie because there are so many international brands that made a grand entry in the Indian market. I will list down 12 launches of the Indian market and the products we love from them!

Etude House

South Korea’s number one brand had been my favourite ever since I saw my cousin use their products. Initially, I loved their products because of how adorable their packaging was. Then I realised why this brand was so hyped and loved by many – it was more than the packaging, it was the efficacy of the products. And me being a lunatic over everything Korean, have been eyeing their products for a while now. Etude House saved me thousands on my flight tickets by finally launching in India this year and I just love them for it. If you are confused about what to buy from Etude House, then I would suggest you go for the palettes that won’t burn your pocket and will do the job just fine.


While watching many tutorials I came across this brand that everyone used – Pixi. It’s a cult favourite and their skincare collection was supposed to be the best. This year, I could confirm this information when they launched on 2nd August and I went berserk trying anything they would introduce.  Since everybody hyped Pixi’s Glow Tonic I thought I’d give that a try first and so I did. Honestly, they weren’t wrong. Glow Tonic is the toner of my dreams and even if I may say so myself, my skin looks so much clearer.

Love, Beauty, and Planet

This vegan brand is everything nice. I say that because they not only care for the environment but also deliver amazing quality products. Their goal is “whatever we do must be good for beauty and give a little love to the planet.” And looking at how we are damaging the planet, this is something we should all practice. They hit the Indian market this November and I happened to get my hands on their Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower shampoo that has shown my hair “acche din“. Clearly, a job better done than some of the powers that may be.


Another favourite Korean brand that I would recommend people to invest in. I was honestly unaware of this brand till it launched this year and my skin is hydrated, thanks to their products. Korean products are known to do wonders for your skin and their Hungarian Water Essence-Moisture Binder does just that. The watery-textured serum is infused with magic as it made my skin soft, smooth, and clearer.


Okay, if you are like me who binges on makeup tutorial on the weekends, then you must’ve noticed how the bloggers apply essence before they go about their makeup routine. I have really wanted Farsali essence for quite some time and actually thought about asking my cousin to bring it to me from Dubai. But before that could happen they launched on 9th December. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever! Their Rose Gold Elixir is something I want to try. It claims to have 24k gold-infused in the product which gives your skin a natural glow and radiance. Best for days when I don’t want to glam up.

Flower Beauty

The name is cute but the mind behind this brand is even cuter and one of my favourite celebrities. This brand was founded by Drew Barrymore. So, I got super excited and started researching about her brand and hoped that it would launch here too because their products are budget-friendly and deliver amazing quality. And so this year when they decided to launch, I was a happy child in a candy store. I immediately got my hands on their blush and everything about it was perfect. It adds the perfect pop to my cheeks while giving me the flush of colour I need.

Kal Hans

This homegrown brand is so cute. They symbolise transformation. Made out of 100% natural and vegan products, this brand helps you choose what’s best for your skin. Just like Love Beauty and Planet, this brand also works for the environment. We tried their Hydrating Rose Petal Face Mist that smells like rose petals being showered over you and gives you intense hydration, which keeps your skin dewy and fresh all day!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like ABH because their products are effing brilliant. We all know why is there a hype for ABH. Their eyeshadow palettes are to die for and they blend like a dream on your lids. The pigment even gave me an orgasm or two. So, when I heard that they were gonna launch this year, I almost peed myself. Okay, maybe I did. It was love at first swatch when I was wandering around Sephora and swatched the Modern Renaissance on my hand. I want everything from this brand.


One fine day we received a very intriguing package from Sephora and it was a newly launched brand that had entered the Indian market. When I hold a new product the first thing I see is which country produces them. Turns out this was another South Korean brand that was here to stay. I say that because I tried their magic Black Powder Massage Peeling Gel and please, they have to stay. It does the job of removing the dead cells, sebum, and all the pollution that a cleanser is unable to take off. Once all the gunk is out of your face it makes your skin healthier and lends it a glow! So, even though it’s a little expensive, I would suggest you grab one.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford had a very secretive launch in India or so I think. Even though they had announced that they’d be launching in India ‘soon’, they never mentioned a date. And one day I wake up and bam! the launch had already happened. Sadly it’s only available in Sephora, Palladium. I love their lipsticks and I know that because my cousin would carry her makeup bag with luxe makeup products and I was so happy I got to even hold that lipstick. Looking at the excitement on my face, she asked me to try it on and so I did. It glided on so smoothly on my lips, I attempted to walk away with it. My cousin asked me to return it. Hmpf. Party pooper.


Okay, before you get excited too let me tell you that the store hasn’t officially launched in India yet. They opened a small section in Mumbai Duty Free, which made me extremely happy and sad because to buy a blush of Rs. 2,300 I had to spent over Rs. 20,000 to travel. I got lucky because as an employee working for a media company we tend to get a lot of invites and I got one to visit Mumbai Duty Free because they had the Beauty Fiesta going on. I went crazy as soon as I  saw Nars and asked the MUA to paint my cheeks with some of that Orgasm and TBH that lasted on me the whole day. So if Nars happen to launch in India outside of the duty free, I’ll totally get my hands on the blush and their radiant creamy concealer.


Dyson has launched in India, which is a big deal because Dyson happens to be one of the most loved hair tools. Their price range is as expensive as a flight ticket to South Korea. So, obviously you would want to try and see if this product actually works before investing so much money in it. The gods of Dyson heard our prayers and they opened their store on 18th December this year in Palladium, High Street Phoenix. If you are intrigued by this product then definitely give their store a visit and try it yourself. *waves to the crowd as she steps out like a diva*


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