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10 Ways To Wear The Blogger-Approved Blue Eyeshadow Trend

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Blue eyeshadow, a look we’ll never get bored of! It’s electric, can be smokey, and these days, we’re seeing it in its ’90s unblended avatar. However you choose to wear it, make sure you nail the look, because if blue isn’t done right, it won’t sit right. And, you don’t want to walk out with a big mess in place of eyeshadow.

So here are 10 tutorials to help you wear that blue eyeshadow on your palette that you probably haven’t touched yet.


1. Indigo & Black Smokey

This is a great night time way to wear blue. To get straight to the eye tutorials, skip to around 6:00 minutes.


2. The Intricate Cut Crease

This one is an intricate, shaded look that also involves a cut-crease. So, if you’ve got time on your hands, go all for it.


3. 50 Shades Of Eyeshadow

I know this tutorial isn’t in English, but try following it as closely as possible. This cat-eye smokey looks like it involves all the colours of the ocean.


4. Soft Smokey

If you aren’t a fan of intense shading, then opt for this light smokey, topped off with a subtle wing.


5. The Desi Blues

If Kaushal is doing it, you know it’ll look great on a desi outfit. Add glitter to glam up a blue smokey.


6. The Navy Look

I know, I know…I love her! This navy looks is an ultra modern, chic way to wear blue eyeshadow.


7. The Understated Blue

If you want to ease into the trend and don’t like a popping blue, then this one’s for you.


8. All Blue Everything

On the contrary, if you want a striking blue, this tutorial makes use of only blues.


9. Take A Risk

Go crazy with this cobalt blue eyeshadow look.


10. The Under Shadow

If you aren’t up for a full blue eyeshadow, wear a shaded look in your lash line.


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