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10 Tricks That Will Help You Create Mega Volume In Your Hair

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Hair really is our crowning glory. As much as I love the sleek, polished effect of straight hair, I prefer full, voluminous hair. While my hair is quite voluminous on its own, the roots often fall flat, which really irks me. So I always keep my eyes and ears open for tricks that will help me add volume to my hair. And these tricks will definitely add bounce to your limp mane!

1. Squeaky Clean Scalp

If you want to build volume at the roots, make sure your scalp is squeaky clean. Use a cleansing shampoo to get rid of excess oil and product build-up (that stuff can really weigh your hair down). Make sure you thoroughly massage it in with your fingertips and shampoo a second time if your scalp doesn’t feel clean.

2. Condition only the tips

Seriously girls, your roots don’t need conditioner. You might just end up clogging hair follicles and that can get ugly real fast. Concentrate on putting conditioner only from the mid-length to the tips of your hair. And use only as much as needed, because OD-ing on conditioner will make your strands limp and weight them down.

3. Sleep on it

Washing and styling my hair is a time-consuming ritual, one that I’m not ready to sacrifice sleep for. This is why I prefer washing it at night and sleeping on it the right way. When my hair is nearly dry, I twist it into a topknot (the sorts that’s neither loose nor tight) right on top of my head and go to bed. When I take it down the next morning, I have glorious volume PLUS bombshell waves and all this while I was sleeping! You must remember two things while doing this, though: 1) Make sure the bun is away from your face and 2) Wear your topknot really high so that you can change sides with ease.

4. Blow dry it right

If you really must wash your hair in the morning and have no time, make sure to bend at the waist and blow dry wet hair upside down. This will redirect the root for extra volume. When your hair is nearly dry, flip your head back up and blow dry while lifting the roots.

5. Make Dry Shampoo Your BFF

So you already know that dry shampoo is THE solution for day three hair that annoyingly sticks to your scalp. However, what you don’t know is that your dry shampoo can also double up as a texturizing spray. A couple of shots of dry shampoo on both the roots and hair adds volume and body to limp hair.

6. Choose the right products

Use volumising products that create the illusion of thick, dense hair. These mousses and sprays contain polymers that stick to the hair, bulking up each hair strand. If your hair is straight, use a hairspray and make sure you spritz it evenly through your damp hair coating it from root to tip. Mousse works really well for wavy-curly hair. Use it on the roots on dry or damp hair and blow dry using your fingers to create fullness.

7. Use classic hot rollers

Channel the 1940s movie star vibe with hot rollers. While curling irons and tongs can give you the waves or curls of your choice, they do nothing to lift your roots. Only hot rollers can add bounce at the roots. They are also less damaging than your hot tools. Take sections of dry hair around your crown, wrap it around the roller, and coil it down to your head. Take them off 15 minutes later and run your fingers through your hair gently. Use a hair spray to keep the volume intact.

8. Get a haircut

Very often when your hair grows too long, it pulls the top flat. That should be your cue to get a chop. Long layers will add movement and are also more manageable.

9. Change your parting

Sometimes your hair tends to look flat if you’ve been wearing the same parting for too long. All you have to do is flip your part. If you normally wear a deep side part, switch to the other side. It will immediately change the way your hair looks.

10. Tease it

They say the higher the hair, the closer to God! That heady feeling when you backcomb your hair is unmistakable. Be careful about teasing your hair the right way, though. Work in small sections, use your teasing comb to push the hair down to the roots, take your comb out and then repeat. Don’t rub the comb up and down the hair shaft. It will only rip and split your hair.


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