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10 Nail Art Ideas A Minimalist Will Love

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Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of those glitter bomb nails that have infested your social media feeds lately. Complicated techniques, highly shiny styles, and nails that are faker than a certain Kardashian’s pout; just thinking about the process of taking that polish out gives me the chills.

Let’s take it down a notch, shall we? Simpler styles are available for inspiration if you look in the right places. Easier to do and super elegant to look at, these chic designs are what your nails need in the new year, and we’ve got enough to keep you going for a while.

Take a look at these minimalistic nail art ideas we’re loving right now.


1. The best part about this design, you don’t even need a base polish. Just make your favourite shapes on your nails as is, or add some transparent polish for shine.


2. A hint of shine and colour goes a long way. Clearly the odd nails trend is still going strong!


3. Ditch your classic white French tips for these gold ones instead. They’re flashier, but still so chic.


4. Nude and gold is a great combination to wear and it looks good on your nails too — in small quantities, of course!


5. This has got to be the easiest one of the lot. Just add dots to the bottom of your nail with an ear bud and you’re done!


6. Negative space when it comes to photos and nail art is always a good idea!


7. You might need to go to a salon or get your BFF to do this for you, but doesn’t it look like it’s worth all that trouble?


8. This one doesn’t have a specific formula. Apply your favourite colour as a base and paint thin white strips using a paintbrush.


9. Get creative and add some embellishments to your nails. Skinny sequins like these will work like a charm.


10. It’s all about keeping your talons looking effortless and super neat. So the lesser the polish, the classier they’ll look.


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