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10 Hairstyles On Instagram Every Boho Girl Will Love

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Sure, they might be all carefree and easy going, but their hairstyles are anything but. A boho girl might not spend a lot of time on her clothes and makeup, but her hair has definitely got to complement personality. You’ll notice her sporting a lot of messy braids and buns, and more hair accessories than you’re used to.

Some of them have pastel shaded locks too, but it doesn’t look out of place at all, only because their personalities allow them to carry it off so well. So if you’re a boho girl, or know someone who is, use these hairstyles for inspiration the next time you’re heading out — they’ll surely make more than a few heads turn.

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1. Colouring your hair a shade like this is quite pointless if you’re not going to play around with hairstyles to match. This half-up fishtail braid is a boho girl’s dream!


2. Not only is this apt for a bride, it’s the perfect match for that billowing sundress you have lying in your closet.


3. This might look like a delicately tangled mess, but it’s actually a braid that has been loosened up considerably and enhanced with flowers.


4. In case you’re not so big on braids, a messy ponytail with flowers works just as well.


5. We’ve all tried the half top-knot at some point. Next time you’re donning the Shiva-esque look, add a braid or two on the side. It’s boho 2.0.


6. A great way to show off your braid is to make it run along your forehead. It’s chic and bohemian at the same time.


7. This is a trick that works on practically any hairstyle. Make a braid, ponytail, bun, or just leave it open. No matter what the style, be sure to top it off with your favourite coloured flowers.


8. An alternative way to use your cuff is to pop it around your bun. Of course, it has to be adjustable, and make sure it matches your accessories.


9. This one is easier than it looks. Section out 3 parts of your hair from the back, and braid them all the way down. Once you’re done, wrap it around itself to make it look like a delicate flower.


10. You’ve really got to go to town with your braids to create this look. It’s a jumble of thin and thick, normal and fishtail braids that give it the look and texture. Add flowers for good measure!


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