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10 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Rainy Season

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I hate leaving my hair open in the monsoon. Firstly, higher chances of everything getting wet, plus the humidity gets my hair super frizzy. Speaking of frizz, check out these tips on de-frizzing your hair the natural way.

While all that is great, the minute you step out in this weather, disaster awaits right around the corner, and girl bosses, ain’t nobody got no time for that! Am I right?

So, give these hairstyles a try, spend a little time on your hair in the morning, so you can keep those locks flawless all day.


1. The Twisty Do

Dulce Candy shares her rainy day go-to hairstyle. It takes just 5 minutes and all of us can spare a few minutes in the morning, right?


2. Wet Hair?

In this season, slightly wet hair is very likely. So these styles are great for when you’re in a rush or when you need to fix wet hair on a rainy day.


3. Rope Braid

I’m getting ’em Rapuzel feels. I love this rope braid, especially for a night out. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you spend nights at home, does it?


4. French Braid

If rope isn’t for you, then try the big, side french braid with lots of volume to frame your face.


5. The Elsa Braid

If there ever was a time to try the Elsa braid, it’s now! Go for a nice, messy braid this season.


6. Got Short Hair?

If you’ve got short hair, don’t feel left out! It isn’t all about the braids, you can try this textured look for the monsoon too.


7. Shor Hair Continued…

Short hair girls represent! Short doesn’t mean boring and it doesn’t mean you can’t push your hair back into cute styles, because we know any hair, short or long, can be just as annoying this season.


8. Messy Bun

If your hair is already messy this season, the messy bun seems like the way to go!


9. Sleek Bun

Or you can get all the hair out of your face, up and away, with a sleek, pulled-back bun.


10. The Right Kind Of Ponytail

Here’s the difference between a basic ponytail and a pro ponytail. A few easy hacks can take your everyday ponytail from blah to wow!


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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