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10 Gorgeous Braids To Amp Up Your Hair Game

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No matter what the length of your hair is, it’s always fun to experiment. And when it comes to experimenting, most people go for a braid. What started out with a classic braid, moved on to French and fishtail, and today, the different kinds of braids out there are endless.

Some of them need an extra hand or two, but like they always say, practice makes perfect and if you really want to get the look, eventually you’ll nail it.

So if you’re bored of the braids you’re usually sporting, how about looking at some of these for inspiration?

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1. You’ll need to start French braiding with your head facing downwards for this one. Once you have that centre braid sorted, the bun should be easy-peasy.


2. Simply braid two sections of your hair from the front and secure them at the back. You’ll need to loosen the braids to make them look thick and luscious like these.


3. These are really just twists pretending to be braids. If you really don’t feel like fishtail braiding your hair, try tying sections, one after the other, and twisting them inwards as you go along.


4. Feel like adding some sparkle to your look this festive season? How about adding it to your hair?


5. If the French braid and a fishtail braid had a baby, this gorgeous creation is what it would look like.


6. Instead of simply bunning your hair up for a traditional function, how about trying a braided bun instead?


7. When you’re done braiding your locks, don’t forget a pretty hair accessory, it can completely change your look — for the better, of course!


8. It’s one braid from the crown joined by another one from the sides. It’s definitely complicated, but like I said, practice makes perfect!


9. If there ever was a braid fit for a princess, this would be it!


10. The best way to make any braid look thicker is to loosen the strands once you’re done making your braid. It might end up looking slightly messy, but fantastic at the same time.


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