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10 Delicate Hairstyles To Take Inspiration From This Valentine’s Day

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Once people have taken care of the clothes and makeup part of dressing up, they leave the hair as an after thought. While a simple blow-dry will definitely work for your Valentine’s Day date, how much nicer would it be if you had a delicate braid to match your on-point outfit?

So once you’re done with your outfit and makeup, here’s a list of 10 hairstyles which will work great with your look for the evening. All you need is a bit of inspiration and we’re serving it up, V-day style!

Keep scrolling and pick your favourite.

1. Instead of just tying a simple ponytail, how about adding a satin ribbon to match your outfit? If it’s for V-Day, pick any shade of red to complement your ponytail.


2. Curl your hair and tie it in a loose French braid. Once that’s done, pick out a delicate hair accessory and add it to your braid. Fresh flowers would work too.


3. If you have long hair like this, add some waves and knot up random sections in braids. It can’t get more princess-y than this!


4. You could buy these Chloe + Isabel babies or DIY them. Take some loose pearls and hot glue them to a U-pin. Add them to your hair once they’re fully dry.


5. If you don’t want too much of a hassle, braid your hair as you normally do and loosen out each strand. A thick and luscious braid is always romantic.


6. Add some beachy waves to your hair and clip one section behind your ear with a jewelled clip or flower.


7. Any basic braid can be made to look like you put in more effort if you add in the right accessories. Next time you’re too lazy to do something elaborate, how about trying this double tied version?


8. If you’re too lazy to wash your hair, spritz it with some dry shampoo and tie it into a messy top knot. We promise he won’t know the difference!


9. This might take a little more work and definitely more than two hands. Rope in your BFF to help you or if you’re heading to the salon, take a photo for reference.


10. And finally, if you’re really in the mood, add a floral crown to your bun. You’ll be his centre of attention, and everyone else’s too!


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