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10 Best Products From Plum That Will Give You Glowing Skin And Shiny Hair

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The world of beauty & skincare can be confusing, that’s why we’ve come up with The Best Of Hauterfly – where our editors hand-pick the products that they cannot live without. These products are our tried, tested and beloved makeup and beauty kit staples that we depend on for factors like staying power, effectiveness and pigment. We’ve listed the best products, so you can splurge without the guilt. Today, we’re picking our favourites from the brand Plum. 

Skincare is an essential part of everybody’s routine and I have adopted that habit over time. No matter how lazy or bored I am, I make sure I give my skin the TLC it deserves. Hey, I want to age gracefully, just like everyone else in my family. Even though they didn’t need any skincare products to make them look like they do, but for me it’s different. Maybe my sister is right about me being the adopted one.

I spend most of my time on shopping apps. I am always looking at makeup or skincare products, most of which I don’t even need, but I just hate it when my bank balance is full. Yeah, it’s a thing. So, wanting to spend my hard-earned money somewhere, I thought why not on skincare products and I was not looking to burn through all the money in my account. Something effective but budget-friendly it would have to be.

Then I came across this brand called Plum. Their name is cute, their products are effective, what’s not to love? I was recommended this brand by a friend. At first, I was skeptical of using a new brand, but then again I am an adventurous soul . I ended up buying 3 products and I haven’t regretted it since. Hey, friend if you are reading this, then thank you, you are a keeper *wipes tears*.

Their most loved range is the Green Tea one. Everyone just swears by it. My skin has never felt this amazing before. From their face masks to their cleansers; I have listed down a few for you to choose from, you know, in case you’re confused.


This bottle of 30ML happiness is all you need to restore your natural glow. One of Plum’s best-sellers, the description says ” is a unique combination of 100% plant-derived oils that combat skin dryness, and restores natural health and glow to the skin.” The best part about this oil blend is that it doesn’t leave you all greasy. The stickiness is something most of us want to steer clear of and this is just the holy grail product we have all been looking for. I love how quickly it works for not just my skin but everybody else’s as well. This oil is infused with 10 other natural oils that will absolutely clear your skin making it look fresh as ever. I would give a 100/10 to this product. If you try it, you will too. You can definitely use it as a primer or dab it before you go to sleep and wake up with a skin you want to hug.

Don’t you hate it that you wake up one morning and feel this little unwanted guest on your face? AKA pimple. You may have tried a lot of things to get rid of the pesky pimple, but nothing ever helped, because I know nothing worked or me. From expensive creams to ghar ke nuske; it’s all just been one failed attempt after another. Now, let me tell you a secret to how I got rid of my acne problems. This mask! This is a tingly mask that dries off within 10-15 mins. Unlike other face masks, this doesn’t make your skin dry at all but instead will leave your face fresh with a touch of a cooling sensation. Okay, let’s be real. This product won’t instantly make your acne disappear from the face of the earth, but it will definitely subside and eventually causd it to go away. So, the next time you wake up to a pesky pimple, you know what to do.

Plum’s Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel is perfect for the ones with oily skin. I know the struggles of having oily skin. This is the perfect product for you to try because I have tried and tested it and I absolutely love it. Not only does it help you with oily skin, but also makes scars and marks that are left behind, disappear. Most people tend to not moisturise because they already have oily skin. Well, that’s utter bullshit. You need to moisturise regardless of your skin type. This gel-based moisturiser is not too runny, so you can easily get it out of the package and apply it smoothly onto your face. Say hello to clearer, hydrated skin and goodbye to dull and dry skin.


I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Aloe Vera is the best thing you can use for your skin and hair. I know that it can be a task to take off all the makeup after you have come back from an amazing party. I know that because I sometimes just sleep with the makeup on. I would suggest you to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. It’s the worst thing to do to your skin. This Aloe Vera juice infused cleanser is everything I ever needed. Takes off my makeup in a swipe while simultaneously cleansing my skin. So I can hit the bed faster.

For those with clear skin, you don’t know the struggle of acne scars. I have faced many, many failures. Ideally, I should be worrying about that LV bag that I have saved up for, not some pesky scars that are taking refuge on my face. So to beat those stubborn spots, we have Plum’s Green Tea Clear Spot-Light Gel that is infused with 17 botanical actives. My skin is totally thanking this product for doing wonders and making those spots disappear. It’s like I am in a commercial.

At this point, we have figured that green tea is best for our skin. And it’s true! Green Tea is highly effective for acne problems. And this one product is everything nice and glorious. If you don’t want to apply something oily on your face and still want to get rid of acne, then your prayers have been answered. Plum’s Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer is something you should add to your skin routine. It mattifies your face while combating acne. How cool is that?


Sun can be the reason for your dark spots and wrinkles. You can run away from it, but you can’t hide from it. So, the only solution to repair your skin from sun damage is Plum’s Grape & Seed Buckthorn Renaissance Face Mask. This all-in-one face mask will exfoliate, deep cleanse, nourish and protect and it serves up a side of radiant-looking skin. This is also perfect for someone with aging skin.

You probably have a day time skincare routine, but what about night time?A night time skincare routine is equally essential for your skin. Here’s a cream you would want to pamper your skin with, at night. It will prevent the dryness that causes creases on your skin, while the grape seed and buckthorn get down and busy nourishing and repairing your skin.

Okay, I will admit on behalf of all the women – we have dandruff. It’s normal to have dandruff on your head, nothing to be ashamed about. But, just sitting and not being ashamed also won’t help. You’ve to buy this product that is sulfate-free and will effectively fight dandruff and get rid of it. The silicone-free formulation also helps reduce the products that build-up on your hair leaving your hair healthy and happy.


If you want to steer-clear of chemical-infused hair masks, then this is the one for you. This product doesn’t only deep condition, but also provide moisture and nourishment to your hair, thanks to the olive and macadamia oils infused in this. Nourishment isn’t the only thing it provides, it also protects your hair from pollution and UV rays. It’s suggested to use this product once or twice a week for a happy, healthy hair.

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