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10 Beauty Blogger Approved DIY Treatments To Solve Your Skincare Woes

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While DIY, at-home masks may be a recent phenomenon with the world at-large, all thanks to bloggers and new-age experts, Indian women have actually been following age-old remedies for centuries. Many dermatologists I have spoken to in India are ready to offer great at-home alternatives for skincare. DIY, Ayurveda, and the goodness of natural ingredients are sciences we truly believe in and trust. So, in a time where people are spending fortunes on foreign skincare, why not look back into our kitchen cabinets for a little help?


1. Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Got a dandruff problem? Listerine to the rescue! Trust Farah Dukkai to really know her DIY stuff — this girl is amazing with her at-home recipes.


2. Face Mist

Need a quick on-the-go, picker-upper? Try this DIY face mist by Gothamista! Who needs to spend big bucks on refreshing mists that can be used with makeup or on your skin alone, when you can try this at home?


3. Acne-Prone, Oily Skin

This uses pretty much one ingredient and really works! I think I might start doing this on a weekly basis. Salt is a miracle ingredient. Do pay attention to her information to make sure you don’t harm your skin.


4. Scarring

Looks like honey is a recurring skincare ingredient. This at-home mask has all the right stuff to fade your scars and brighten up your skin! Apply it on your face or just on your marks, according to your preference.


5. Blackheads & Whiteheads

The glue in blackhead and whitehead strips isn’t always good for you, so give this formula a try. Huda Kattan is a fan, so it’s got to work, right?


6. Face & Body Scrub For All Skin Types

This works for those with sensitive skin too. I mean, it uses coconut oil, so obviously, right? Make sure your coconut oil is extra virgin.


7. Lip Exfoliator

Oh, yes! My lips know how much they need a scrub like this. If you’ve got constantly chapped lips, invest some time in making an storing this scrub.


8. Brightening, Scar-Reducing, Dark Circles, Acne, Etc…

Deepica Mutyala knows what I’m talking about when I say Indian DIYs. Who doesn’t have turmeric in their kitchen? It truly is the holy grail with medicinal properties.


9. Dark Circles

The Queen of YouTube Beauty, Michelle Phan, really breaks it down for us. Her tips, tricks, and DIY ideas are great.


10. Dry Skin

Try this dry skin mask to heal cracked or dry skin.


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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