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Sadhvi Pragya’s Political Campaign Is About Securing Votes For Cows, Right?

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So, the election season is here and it is hands down one of the most entertaining seasons. Rather sad that it comes around only once every four years.  It is even better than the wedding season in most aspects. And considering we are putting this over the drunk mamaji’s snake dance, trust us with what we have in store for you is going to be quite entertaining.

Sadhvi Pragya, a BJP candidate from Bhopal filed her nomination from Madhya Pradesh, and get this, based her entire political campaigning on cows. We cannot confirm this but sources say cows around the area complained about the amount of pressure on them to deliver on the promises she has been making and it hasn’t been easy. Some cows were reportedly planning a protest, unconfirmed news reports said. And not just cows, but the by products are also facing performance anxiety -cow urine, cow dung, cow milk etc. – and were seen quietly discussing options.

This is because Pragya while speaking with India Today TV said, “I was a patient of cancer and I cured myself by consuming gau mutr (cow urine) and panchgavya mixed ayurvedic herbs.” Panchgavya as it turns out is a holy blend of 5 ingredients, namely cow urine, cow dung, cow milk and two derived products – ghee and curd.

She also went on to bring science in the picture and offered some more home remedies, “If you rub the cow from back to the neck, you will experience joy and the cow will also experience joy but if you rub her from neck to back the animal will feel uneasy. If you rub from back to front, your BP will be maintained. This is amrit (divine nectar). This is scientific. A gaushala (cow shelter) is the best place for tapasya (penance).”

Pragya is currently out on bail as an accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast case. So she’s accused of heinous crimes and her political campaign is a sham. Vote carefully.

But hey, this is politics, so we aren’t all that surprised.  What’s next though? Peacocks?


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