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Khushi Kapoor Getting A Tattoo Her Mom Didn’t Approve Of Is So Relatable

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I remember, when I first saw Deepika Padukone get a tattoo for Ranbir Kapoor, I was so enamoured. So much love, I thought. . Then of course, they broke up and I was like, ‘Wow, that must be awkward.” Thankfully, PeeCee saved the day with her ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ tattoo on her wrist. Alia Bhatt, getting ‘pataka’ engraved on her back reaffirmed my faith and I wanted to get inked.

Except, conversations about it ended with a firm ‘no’ from my father and I gave up.  But seems like Jahnvi Kapoor’s sister, Khushi Kapoor got lucky as she managed to get a tattoo that her late mother Sridevi did not approve of.

Recently the sisters appeared on BFFs With Vogue, a talk show being hosted by Neha Dhupia and even though the episode is set to air on Saturday, 27th April, the teaser trailers have let us in on some of the most interesting topics of the discussion. From wildest fantasies, to choice in men, the sisters touch upon everything, but what caught our attention was Khushi Kapoor’s obsession with tattoos.

As it turns out, she has a total of three inked on her body. One includes all her family members’ birth dates, engraved in Roman numerals, the second is a tattoo of her best friend’s name, and the third is on her lower back, and says Khud ki raah banao.

Khushi revealed that her mother never approved of her desire to get inked. As for the Dhadak actress, she yet again proved she is like us, by sharing how she is scared of getting tattoos. But, in a lighter vein, she did mention how she might just make her future husband get one that would say, “Property of JK”.

And now that I think about, that is not a bad idea at all. Future husband, get ready to get inked!


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