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On World Sleep Day, We Dug Out The Funniest Times People Fell Asleep And It’s Hilarious!

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Between turning up for work and sleeping, I would choose to sleep. Between watching Netflix and sleeping, I would choose to sleep. Basically, at any given point, I will choose sleep over everything else. And I know I am not the only one. At some point, we’ve all cancelled party plans and meetings just to grab a few extra zzs.

Planned naps are cool, but have you ever fallen asleep, like out of the blue? We think, ‘Okay, this is just going to be a 2 min nap.’ We wake up half an hour later, with a start, confused about which era we’ve been transported to! Ah, we’ve all been there, done that. But here are some people who fell asleep in the most awkward of situations. We found them while we were doing our research for World Sleep Day on Quora and while sleeping is cool, this was just all kinds of unfortunate.

On a video call with her boyfriend

We’ve all tried being all cutesy and romantic while video calling our boyfriends, closing our eyes to just simply absorb his words. But we couldn’t believe how badly that ended for Sierra Swift!

“I hung my head on the horizontal ledge of my chair so my face was turned up to the ceiling. As I slept my mouth gaped WIDE open.”

In the middle of a proposal

Those of us who are single and waiting for our crush to finally pop the question, would understand the horror this guy experienced who was about to lose the love of his life to…sleep! How does someone fall asleep when the girl of your dreams finally proposes? Apparently, no matter how significant the moment, you can. Srikar Achanta did and boy, that could’ve ended badly. Thankfully, it didn’t.

“I called her and told her the entire story of how I dozed off and officially proposed her with the 3 magical words. Even today she makes fun of me.”

While waiting for a flight

Missing a flight can be a nightmare, because a) you’ll have to shell more money for another flight and b) it’s embarrassing! Being all smart and everything, our Satyajit Ghosh here reached the airport like light years before the boarding time. Except he fell asleep at the gate.

“I ran from the boarding gate to the aircraft door, flashed the boarding pass at the guy standing there and entered the aircraft, only to find 150 pairs of eyes staring at me with disgust. I looked down as I walked to my seat, embarrassed, placed my bag in the luggage compartment overhead, sat down, fastened my seat belt and kept my eyes closed until we touched down in Mumbai.”

In the washroom…for a good 20 minutes!

So, I had a colleague who used to head to the washroom for quick naps. Like for real. She had it easy but this guy here had the most embarrassing situation ever! He woke up to a bunch of impatient hands banging at the door.

“The most embarrassing part comes after I come out of the toilet and the whole floor goes like, ‘Who masturbates for such a long time buddy?’

In class

Okay, lectures can be really boring. Raise your hand if that’s when you’ve had the best naps in your life! We know we did! Well, imagine this girl’s horror when she slept in a lecture and woke up in another! Apparently the kind (or evil?) professor let her sleep, even as the next lecture began and all her classmates had already left.

“Apparently she sat up, muttered thanks, and then started looking around – took a few minutes for it to sink in that she didn’t know anyone in the room.”

While getting married

But guess who takes away the Oscar for sleeping at the weirdest possible time? Yes, a girl dozed off in the middle of her own wedding, and a friend of hers lived to tell the tale!

“Poor thing, she dozed off in her marriage where live recording and telecasting on FB is also being done. Making this incident immortal.”



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