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Kareena Gives It Back To A Troll Who Wants Saif To Control What She Wears. We *Heart* It

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Off late we’ve been getting introduced to a number of different trends, slang terms and what not. From learning about ghosting, kitten-fishing to getting well-versed with millennial slang like AF and LIT, we are in the know. What we still haven’t gotten our head around is the concept of husbands policing their wives. Considering, it wasn’t included in any of the saat pheras or vows  taken with the groom, we didn’t know this was a thing so you will have to excuse us for we have been caught off guard.

As was Kareena Kapoor Khan when she was on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch. A segment on the show involved taking a hard look at what trolls were saying. A grammatically challenged smart ass  commented on a picture of Kareena and her husband Saif Ali Khan saying, “’Go to hell Saif Ali Khan. You not ashame to let your wife wearing bikini.” A statement that apart from offending grammar nazis has a few fundamental errors as well. For one, where is this ‘husbands need to police their women’ culture coming from?

As appalled as we are, Bebo made a crisp comeback by saying, “Who is Saif but to stop me from wearing a bikini? I don’t think my relationship is as such that Saif would ever tell me why are you wearing a bikini or why are you doing such things or what?…He trusts me…and if I am wearing a bikini then obviously there’s a reason I am wearing it, I am taking a dip.”

We get it, that we’ve always overestimated the role of a man in our lives, but aren’t times changing now? Or are we still looking out for permission from our partners to wear clothes, or in the near future, breathe?

The entire pati parmeshwar way of life is neither trending nor appreciated anymore and we are glad Kareena Kapoor is making this known.


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