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Would You Date A Guy Who Earns Less Than You? 5 Reasons This Is A Good Idea

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A girl must learn to make round rotis. If you aren’t light-skinned, who will marry you? Good girls don’t drink, or kiss, or have a voice. Just some of the things you hear as a woman. If these statements made your blood boil, then you know how messed up societal gender norms are. Yes, we have it difficult but it’s not just us, ladies. Men have their woes too. Tough men don’t cry. Men aren’t afraid. Men must love sports and not fashion. Men have to make the money, that’s their worth.

We’re simply sticking to the age old concept that’s plagued humanity since only like, forever. We assume the guy has to earn more. In the marriage market, this is key. He has to be the provider. But hey, if round roti-making annoys you, maybe give a thought to the fact that him having to make more money, probably annoys him? Here are 5 compelling reasons it can be super super cool to date a guy who isn’t intimidated by a girl boss. The one who rakes in the moolah. Here’s why!

1. Because it’s awesome to date someone who believes in equality

This is the guy who will root for Oprah to run for the elections. He believes cooking and other domestic chores are choices and not gender-based roles. Why? Because he isn’t some dodo who just downloaded every messed up concept our society has been propagating. Do you know when equality is the most exciting? When he prioritises your orgasms as much as his. Forget DiCaprio’s You jump, I jump. The new motto should be You come, I come! So even when it comes to money, this guy is A-okay if you are bringing home a bigger pay check.

2. Non-conformist is the new conformist

Why should boys have all the fun? People with vaginas love out-of-the-ordinary things too. Remember that ex whose set timetable gave you the zzz’s? This guy will be like a breath of fresh air! He will be open to novel ideas and tear the imaginary rulebook handed down by the chachas of our society. Bun maska-chai at 1 am? Rom com marathon? Not paying on a date? Hell yes!

3. No double standards, the guy is a keeper!

My ex wore feminism like a trend, like several other guys do. They shop for ‘I am a feminist’ tee, boast about your achievements to their friends. But when the facade is pulled off, the inner misogynist is revealed – a guy who pins your outbursts to PMS- every single time. It’s never his fault. If you argue, it sits uncomfortably with him. He’s a feminist but he would prefer it if you didn’t have an opinion. Better still, if you didn’t have a voice at all. If the guy isn’t just sporting token feminism, he and his ego will be fine with your salary.

4. He’s one hell of a secure fellow

The thing about money is, that it can make people insecure and at times, total jerks. If you find a guy who is secure about himself and earning less than you doesn’t shake his ego, keep him! He’s going to be okay with you having guy friends, he will build you up not tear you down. He’s the kind of guy who’s comfortable with himself and therefore, you. A strong woman (you!) doesn’t intimidate him. This is long-term stuff.

5. You’ll become more confident and unapologetic

When you have someone by your side who encourages your growth, the person is like the wind beneath your sings. You realise that you don’t need to give a damn about what others say! It’s like living The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, instead of simply reading the words. Too successful for a woman? Is that even a thing? F*ck the system and be a Girl Boss for life! With a fabulous man by your side.


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