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This Unique Museum Displays Tokens Of Broken Relationships With Their Stories. It’s Beautiful

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We all have different ways of dealing with a broken heart. Some of us throw, burn, and destroy anything that reminds us of them. Some of us sane ones (read boring/not in love) ones simply lock the mementos, relegating them to a dark corner, away from our sight. But there’s a place that’s pulling these tokens of lost loves and broken hearts and putting them out on display. The Museum Of Broken Relationships is founded by two Zagreb-based artists, Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic after they didn’t know what to do with all the gifts of love once they broke up. It was a travelling museum before it built roots in Zagreb, Croatia.

The duo were in a four-year-long relationship and it was their breakup that led to the inception of this unique concept. The museum exhibits paeans of failed relationships, donated by people who no longer have a use for it or because they wouldn’t want the reminders of a lost love.

The items range from comic to tragic, including an axe used to cut an ex’s furniture, a letter by a 13-year-old boy fleeing Sarajevo, apart from typical items like phones, records and clothes, etc. A plaque is placed alongside describing the item briefly, telling the visitor the story behind the object.

We usually put almost everything about our personal lives out there on social media. Here’s how you can convert the souvenirs of your relationships into art displays. It will definitely have more audience than ever and every time someone will see the souvenir, their heart will ache with the exact emotion associated with it. At least, that’s the hope.

The shirt he left behind? The handmade greeting card he gave you? We say declutter your shelf and hand it over to your museum.


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