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7 *Annoying* Things Skinny Girls Are Tired of Hearing!

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I was born just like everyone else you know, a tiny healthy baby, crying my eyes out, surprised I was out and worried if these humans were fully capable of raising me. In the growing years while I added the height, I didn’t add much in the weight department. This was much to society’s disappointment because what do you even say to someone who won’t take things seriously even after having been brought up on a healthy diet of taunts and sarcasm?  Eventually, I ended up in the skinny category. And people everywhere have been really kind, making it a point to remind me of the fact by skinny-shaming me every day. These are some of the absolutely irrelevant and non-funny things that girls like me are tired of hearing, on the daily. And don’t you dare say it is out of concern.

Have you considered eating, though?

Oh we absolutely did not! We wonder why that genius idea did not cross *our* mind. Here’s an idea. Maybe because we are naturally thin and eating three meals a day still doesn’t cut it? Maybe because our metabolism is high? Blew your mind, didn’t it?

You should keep something heavy in your pocket, you know, just so you don’t fly away in the wind.

You’re the first one to think of this very hilarious joke. And oh my god, I hope your friends are giving you a prize for being so imaginative.

You don’t need to work out, look at you!

Yeah and that would make quite some sense, except, last we checked being healthy and thin were two different things.

You’re so lucky you can wear anything!

Did you mean we can wear anything and drown in them? Skinny girls do have their own share of struggles with finding brands that serve up XS sizes that actually work.  And honestly, after one point it just gets exhausting to find clothes that fit.

I could pick you up with one hand!

And while we wish this was more about your arm strength and not about how petite our frame is, we still recommend you to rather not try, unless you want to be hit in the face with our tiny fist!

It’s like you’re standing on toothpicks

We like how creative and imaginative your objectification of women and their legs has become, but don’t worry, we are happy with our stick figures.

Maybe you’d look better with a few extra pounds…

And maybe, just maybe, you’d look better with your mouth shut. We like how we look, period. Thank you, next!


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