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The Kalank Teaser Trailer Is Out And The Grandeur Is Stunning. We Can’t Wait.

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Abhishek Varman’s Kalank’s trailers is out and this is looking good. The movie had been in the news for the longest time, even before the characters of the film were revealed to us.

Varun and Alia come together for the 3rd time, but this time, it’s exciting because this is unlike anything they’ve done before. But that’s not all. This movie, if the teaser trailer is anything to go by, has all the makings of a masala movie and it’s been a while since we have been this intrigued.

After watching it like a hawk and on loop for, we’ve lost count, we are convinced that it has the making of a full-on masaledar , dhamaal  blockbuster. First of all, the grandeur will take you in. Till now, this kind of scale, colour and feel has been limited to Bhansali movies. The women, regal, gorgeous and stunning, almost take your breath away, fabulous jewellery and swathed in flowy, regal fabrics.  Dramatic fight sequences that include blood and fire, and buzzing dance numbers with Madhuri (sigh) and Alia giving us the Devdas feels. And of course, the final shot of Roop and Zafar, walking down to each other with Raavan burning in the background, so, just wow.

The teaser trailer gave us much to chew on without revealing plot lines which is exciting and fun. We can’t be the only ones counting down the days till its release, which is on 19th April. Considering Karan Johar waited for 15 years to transcend this into reality, as shared by him earlier, we imagine this one is going to be quite the experience.


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