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Dear Media Photographers, Leave Celebrity Kids Alone. It’s Intrusive And Unnecessary

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We think celebrity kids have it easy. They have the fancy life, the cool cars, the luxurious vacations and the star parents that offer them everything on a platter. The word ‘nepotism’ gets thrown around, they have inroads into an industry that rejects hundreds of people on the daily. What’s there to complain about, right?

Perhaps there is something. At the recent Shloka- Akash wedding celebrations, the paps were out in full force because the celebrities were out in full force as well. All the A-listers were expected to be there and magazines and digital publications (us included) would want to see what they were wearing, ready to deliver a verdict and all that. But with all the adults, came the children and that’s when things get a little messy.

Aaradhya Bachchan who was accompanying her mom and dad showed her obvious displeasure when she said, ‘Bas karo!’ when her  pictures were being taken. And while everyone laughed it off, ‘Haha, how innocent and all.” But let’s stop here for a second. We laugh it off but can you imagine how annoying it is for a little kid to have a camera shoved in their face all the time?

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Yes, it’s the price of being a celebrity kid but must we rob kids of their childhood? Case in point. Taimur. The kid has fan pages dedicated to him. And while he’s cute and makes our ovaries explode, must he be chased down by photographers every time he steps out? Here’s an idea. Leave the damn kids alone. Let them be.

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Recently, Janhvi Kapoor mentioned to the paps that she dresses up for them more than anything else. This, while she was stepping out from the gym. If it rankles the adults, this sort of intrusion is bound to annoy young kids. And more importantly, their parents. Yes, Saif and Kareena have repeatedly talked about the kind of attention Taimur gets and how they try and keep him grounded at home, there’s plenty we can do to ensure these kids have some semblance of a normal childhood nor involving posing for media.

All of us (publications and sundry) will be fine without pictures of Taimur and Inaaya. It’s true. We have survived before and we will make it now as well.


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