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5 Types of Underwear Every Girl Should Have In Wardrobe

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As a woman, there are a few things that I guard with my life. My girlfriends, for they know all my secrets, my phone, for it has all the secrets that my girlfriends know about, and well, my closet. Especially the drawer where I stuff all my undergarments. Why, you ask? Because this is also a drawer full of secrets. This is where secrets can come tumbling out, that I am not a sexy-panty-flaunting vixen but more a granny-panty-couch-potato. Things that cannot be revealed to unsuspecting people and potential boyfriends.  But hey, as any girl will tell you, there are different types of panties depending on the mood, the support, the outfit etc. etc. Oh and a whole separate wardrobe for period panties. It’s a thing. Really!

Instead of getting confused, here are some staples every girl needs in her wardrobe to sail you through oversized boyfriend jeans days to bandage dress wearing days. Read up to know more.



G string

Let’s just say that the coverage offered by this and the thread count on this one is sparse. This covers practically nothing, leaving nothing to imagination, G –strings are essentially the type of underwear with strings on the side and at the back. If you’re thinking sexy, this is it. If you’re looking for support and suction, this isn’t the underwear for that day. We would wear this on a day we are guaranteed some action.



Another minimalist type of underwear that you’d probably find in every woman’s closet. And also one that can feel like you constantly have something up your butt, if not comfortable. A thong is best suited for when you want to avoid visible panty lines, like in a particularly clingy pair of pants or when sporting a body con dress,.




A kind that perhaps needs no explanation. Bikinis, could be low rise or high waist, are swimwear-like bottoms for women that have a flattering silhouette and offer much more in terms of coverage. The waistbands differ in their style from structured to lacy to strings to amp up or dial down the sexy. Bikinis are the perfect middle ground for when you want to feel pretty but not itchy.



Hipster panties are a love child of bikinis and boy shorts. The waistband is where all the difference lies. In hipsters, you would find that the coverage is more along the sides and the hip, making it a comfort wear for regular days. Since it has plenty of hold, this is great for when you don’t want to wear shapewear but want to cinch in your muffin top or saddlebags.


Boy Briefs

Best for the sporty kind of girl, boy briefs are for women who don’t want to compromise on their comfort, yet wouldn’t mind the cheek to peek a little! Boy briefs cover more than your usual bikini bottoms and could be a standard pick to wear on the daily. They offer a lot of coverage and are great if you want that kind of comfort. Plus they go well under any type of clothing which is a win-win.





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