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The RAW Trailer Is Out And Mouni Roy Makes An Appearance As A Prop

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Bollywood has a way of keeping us all on our toes. Just when we are bored, and Monday-ing,  it throws up interesting news, peachy gossip, or releases a new movie trailer that gives us something to talk about. Note that we said, talk about. Not intrigue us or engage us but gives us something to think about. Lately though, that pattern has slightly shifted from, ‘Hey, I might  want to watch this!’ to ‘Oh well, another trailer, another disappointment.’

Today, it was the trailer of the upcoming movie RAW that stars John Abraham and Jackie Shroff, and allegedly Mouni Roy. We say allegedly because, the two and a half minute trailer barely has a two and half second screen time for the actress. John Abraham can be seen donning at least eight looks in the film, and we can’t even see one proper one for Mouni Roy.

And this isn’t the first time that the role of a female actor has been reduced to that of a prop in a patriotic movie. First Bharat, then Kesari, and now this, seems like Bollywood might want to consider taking out a whole new category to classify movies that have women as furniture. Be it casting them in a role of a lover that comes in for a song, or as a mother of a spy who has been left behind in his wait. Because why else do you need women if not to kiss the leading man or shed a few tears as loving mother? Why do we need a woman to play any sort of pivotal role with any sort of heft in a movie about patriotism? 

The idea that women could be powerful, great characters offends filmmakers, we imagine. So we are saddled with another one about love for the land but none for the women. *slow claps*


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