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This Men’s Magazine Is Calling Out Toxic Masculinity And We Applaud Them

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Right off the bat, we’re going to say it out loud. We don’t expect/want/see men’s magazines talking about women’s issues. Heck, we are mighty surprised every time they don’t put an overtly sexual picture on the cover. So imagine our surprise when a men’s magazine called out toxic masculinity.  Took us a full minute to take it in. We are talking about the GQ Portugal’s latest magazine cover that features Ines Castel Branco and calls for an end to violence against women.

So wait, let us get this straight. A men’s magazine is going to ask men to behave and not be complete a**holes? That’s…that’s something. In fact, that’s huge.

Here’s what it looked like.

The cover has actress Ines Castel’s face with caption, “If you abuse women, please do not buy GQ” written on it alongwith the word ‘Coward’ scribbled on her tongue. The cover has a strong and powerful message, one that was critical to deliver.

The editor-in-chief Jose Santana, in his recent post on Instagram, shared how , “As one of the leading men’s title in the world, GQ has more responsibility in making a statement.”

This is so important because the various implications of masculinity and its manifestations continue to plague us. The responsibility of being safe, of avoiding hurt, harassment and shame still lies greatly with women. To have a leading men’s publication even address this issue is a huge step ahead. And while this is an initiative taken after the increase in number of cases of domestic violence in Portugal, women all around the world are being subjected to such horrendous acts and that needs to end.

So, if you abuse women, please do not buy GQ. Also, don’t buy any other magazine. In fact, we would appreciate it if you would just disappear off the face of this planet. Thanks


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