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Spotify Is Finally In India And While Excited, We Don’t Entirely Get The Hype

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Spotify is in India! The music streaming app announced its arrival quietly though the plans have been in the offing for a while.  There have been a few glitches with the launch (licensing issues and the like) but now they are here and everyone’s excited.

Look, I love music just as much as any other normal human next door, but my other music streaming apps have been serving me just fine. Some would argue that my genre are very limited and I am not open to trying new music. And they would be right.  I am an iPhone user (diss it all you want it’s THE BEST) who lives on iTunes (aka Apple Music) and so far it has been the best experience, because it literally has every song that you are looking for, in all its versions and everything which makes life so much easier!

So Spotify  launched in India on 26th Feb, 2019 and within no time I saw people tweeting about it, making the hashtag #SpotifyIndia #1 trend almost immediately. Like any millennial wanting to explicitly state her opinion, I squealed. Because people were tweeting about how good Spotify is and how iTunes sucks and costs extra but after I calmed down and got my breath in order, I was like, but wait, isn’t Spotify and iTunes the same thing, I mean, as a user?

To get my answers I downloaded Spotify on my phone and signed up for a free trial of course and it asked me what iTunes had – Choose the lingo and 3 artists. So far they both are the same. I did look at the premium package, which by the way, isn’t available on the Indian version yet but the prices have been disclosed separately.

The prices range from Rs. 13 to Rs. 1,189. Yep, they also have something for 13 bucks which comes under the column of pros. Rs.13  for a day’s subscription, Rs. 119 is your monthly subscription which is also the same cost as iTunes, Rs. 719 is for six months and Rs. 1,189 will give you access for a whole year!

Spotify sure has better subscription plans than iTunes but if I am paying the same amount and listening to the same music then I shall stick to iTunes. But hey, if you are tired of Gaana, Saavn, etc because of the lack of variety they offer and are willing to shell out extra bucks to have access of a better music library, then go ahead!

We are just going to sit here looking suitably unimpressed.


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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