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Neena Gupta And Swara Bhaskar Chatted And Spilled Some Juicy Secrets!

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As big Bollywood buffs, every time two actors or actresses get together for a tete-a-tete, we are more than excited to see how it goes down. We are sitting there, eyes glued to the screen and ears open, to latch on to anything that we might not know about them already. We are looking out for stuff that we’ve not figured out using our already well-honed and brilliant stalking skills.

So naturally, when the episode with Swara Bhaskar and Neena Gupta came out on the TapeCast Season 2, we became as curious as a cat to see how two of the most bold actresses in Bollywood and in real life, would have to say to, and about each other. And while they touched upon quite a few topics from social media to popularity to their early life struggles, we were honestly grasping and quite literally flipping on the little bits that Swara revealed.

For starters, the time when Swara was asked a question by her boyfriend – Himanshu Sharma. First of all, what? Swara has a boyfriend? Apparently, he is a writer, who wrote her roles in movies like Tanu weds Manu and Raanjhana. Swara also revealed,  in an uber cute way, how she often steals his perfumes.

We also loved how Swara has a chat group with her dad, brother and a friend that whet all the social media statements that she makes. Because, you know, she’s known for speaking her mind and often facing backlash for it.

The interview further had them both discuss their struggles as actresses in the industry, and two ended the segment with heightened love and respect for each other. As did we, with love, respect and a little bad news for the lads, for Swara now being officially off the market!


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