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Indra Nooyi Joins Amazon’s Board Of Directors, Adds Another Feather To Her Cap

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You know how as we’re growing up, our parents would gently steer us in the direction of the career of a doctor, engineer or a pilot while we secretly just want to grow up to become a panda? Yeah, same. Although my father raised me singing praises of not a profession, but a woman- Indra Nooyi, who then was the CEO of PepsiCo and all I could gather from his statements back then was the mention of a cold drink I loved.

Now, many years later, when I know the legend Indra Nooyi is and has been, I can see why Dad was right all along, she isn’t a woman, she is a force.  And her past, present, future, is all testimony to that!

She’s moved from strength to strength. Today, she has been appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Amazon. This makes her the second woman to be made part of the board this month, first being former Starbuck’s COO – Rosalind Brewer.

Chennai-born Nooyi, who will now be a part of the audit committee of Amazon’s board, first stepped down as the CEO of PepsiCo in October 2018 and then later as the chairman of the company earlier this year.

The business prodigy has set examples for aspiring young women all throughout her life. There was hardly ever a list for Forbes most powerful women or Times top 100 influential people, that did not have Nooyi’s name gleaming.

Amazon, in order to make their board room more inclusive, last year, pledged to include women and minority candidates in their search for members. On which Nooyi further commented, “We have to rethink how we support women in the workplace. Companies need to be better at eliminating unconscious bias and offering women the kind of support they need — from paid leave, to child care and flexibility — to meet ALL their responsibilities.” We couldn’t agree more!


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