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5 Very Valid Reasons We Wouldn’t Want To Have Alia Bhatt As A Bridesmaid

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A wedding is the one chance that all of us women get a chance to take centre stage, unapologetically. Yes, there is the groom but we all know, that really, this is an opportunity to get the hair and makeup done, pout prettily and have everyone’s eyes on you. I would want to have it all, the envious looks, the star-of-the-show attitude, everything. Yes, I am greedy like that.

I am sure you’ve seen pictures of Alia Bhatt at her friend’s wedding in Delhi and boy, does she look cute. But that’s the thing, she’s at Devika Advani’s wedding (who’s pretty as a peach, by the way) but we can’t get over how stunning Alia looks. Which brings us to why we wouldn’t want to have Alia Bhatt at our wedding. And other reasons as we state below. 

She’s So Pretty

Call us petty but if one of our friends were this pretty, we would make attempts to hide her. You know, throw on a dupatta on her head , block her with a decor item or something like that. Because, honestly, it should be a crime to be this pretty.

She’s famous

Practically everyone at the wedding from the groom to the ground keeper knows who Alia Bhatt is. And since we are going to only have one wedding in this lifetime, we would like this to be about us. And not about her attending the wedding.

She’s Moneyed

She’s had a spate of successful movies and with that, she’s raking in the money. While the wedding party will be extravagant, she has the money to bring in a stylist, a hair and makeup person , basically an entire entourage. We, on the other hand, will have a hair and makeup person and cousins who will pitch in, at best. I mean, the outfit she wore just for the mehendi was for Rs.89,000. I would need my family to not eat a decent square meal for me to able to afford that. 

She Stands Out

Yes, you will want her to melt into the background, you know, like everyone else. To be like a floral accent or something. Except she won’t and everyone will recognise her and the picture will be all over social media. And it’s most likely that she sticks out as the popular one. Will anyone remember it as your wedding or the wedding that Alia attended? Yup, you know the answer.

There’s No Privacy

Some people (not us) might want their wedding to be a private, quiet affair. Like Deepika Padukone. They don’t want people hovering, sharing pictures from functions without permissions etc. You have no such luck if Alia or any celeb is there. Your pictures are going to be all over the Internet and you’re just going to have to suck it up.


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