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The 5 Kinds Of Singles And Why We Aren’t Celebrating Valentine’s Day This Year

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Valentine’s day is here social media is filled with all sorts of V-Day promotions, couples celebrating the pre Valentine’s days showing how much they are in love (well, at least that’s what they will have us believe) and all things mushy and coy which at this point is making us want to throw up a little bit. Mainly because I am single AF and since I am particularly brave, I have decided to rise above all this and to stay away from all the hype. But I am not alone in this. We are a tribe.

This group consists of all the ladies, who have decided for the best honestly, to stay single and14th February is just another day for them. This piece is dedicated to all the women out there who have been single and still continue to be so, by choice but also because the pool of men out there has put us off dates permanently. This is also because we are in one the zones below and haven’t fully recuperated from the last that left us severely emotionally drained. 

These 5 kinds of people will tell you exactly why we are firmly in the  Mai Apni Favourite Hoon phase.


The One Where We Are Recovering From A Breakup

This stage is where we are fresh out a relationship. A little miserable, trying to figure how to move on and make peace with the past, we’re still reminiscing about ex. Every couple makes us emotional, we miss the feeling of having someone by our side and we trying our best to stay strong, reasoning with ourselves that it is best that it ended. Often, this ends with us collapsing into copious tears.  If you’re at this stage, stay strong, things will get better, we promise.

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The One Where Friends Are Setting You Up And Failing Miserably

See, the best friend is always looking out for you and you’ve been single so long , they are starting to worry for you. The boundaries are blurry, at this point and they have taken it up on themselves to make your dating app account. This has led to several disastrous first dates which has put you off dating for a good while. On Valentine’s Day, they might set you up with a monkey only so you will go out and this invitation you are just going to have to turn down. 


The One Where Your Affairs Are In Your Head And On Social Media

Yes, it is a digital world but love, that will have to happen in real life. No, it’s true. This will require actually looking up from your phone and noticing people. You are in the stage where you stalk guys on social media, imagine making babies with them, that is till another cute guy pops up on your feed and now you’re making babies with him. A suggestion, fellow squad member, love will have to happen in real life, despite your resistance to it. 

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The One Where You’ve Got The Feelings And You’re Now Confused

Maybe you swiped right or it was the traditional way, you’ve finally managed to like someone who actually likes you back. You are all nonchalant and chill until you are a couple of dates down and things are looking good. Now you are getting feelings and things and this is starting to make you uncomfortable. Honestly, we don’t think guys are the only ones who fear to commit. You’re the kind of single who is borderline obsessed about when they will mess up. The questions “what if history repeats itself?”, “What if he cheats or I screw something up?”, “What if things get worse and we can’t work it through?” swim around in your head and as a logical, rational person, you abandon all chances for this blossom and make a beeline for the exit.  


The One Where You Are Really Enjoying Being Single

Sometimes, just sometimes, having all the time to your self helps you grow manifold. You are focused, you have figured what you want to achieve and are growing not only in terms of career but personally too. You’ve settled for peace of mind, you’re calm and have a better perspective now that you’ve taken a some down time to analyse how you want things to pan out in the future. You’re really enjoying this time and don’t want a relationship. Much to the chagrin of your couple friends. 


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