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6 Fashion Trends In 2018 That Had Us Going WTF!?!

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Big brands and designers always aim to bring to us the most out-of-the-box and high fashion trends, you know to evolve our tastes. To improve our fashion sense. To broaden our horizons. In 2018, they continued this altruistic endeavour. And while we are willing to give a lot of them a go, because we are risque, or experimental, these bizarre fashion trends of 2018 we simply aren’t able to wrap our heads around. So, like smart people who have regular jobs, we kept these fashion trends out of our closets.

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  1. Chain link crotchless Jeans

Denims used to be the most supportive pair of clothing at one time. Things that didn’t require regular upkeep and was wonderfully flexible, even when unwashed. Of course, it underwent a series of changes from the size of the hem to all sorts of rips but doesn’t all clothing? But then these crotchless jeans were introduced to us and while ventilation is always a priority, keeping our underwear away from everyone’s eyes was equally important which is why we think this didn’t catch on.


2. Celine Plastic shopping bag

What does one do after they’ve run out of selling expensive bags to people? You take the most basic idea and sell it with your brand name on it. Celine recently launched a transparent shopping bag, one exactly similar to the basic shopping bag you get anywhere, except, and yes, this is a innovation that will blow your mind, this one comes with the name emblazoned across it. Except this one is not free or complementary, just costs you about $600.



3. Balenciaga Layered Coat

Okay, clearly this is a rip off from Friends, where Joey dons on every single piece of clothing Chandler owned. The difference is, Joey did it out of retaliation and Balenciaga is doing it in the name of fashion. This did become the subject of memes, and each was hilarious but what we don’t get is why they would sell this when it clearly qualifies as a DIY thing!


4. Giant Padded Jackets

This year saw the introduction of aggressively giant and padded jackets for the ones who prefer to walk around looking like they are equipped should the urgent need for a sleeping bag arise. Or in PeeCee’s case – a garbage bag. As inspiring a trend it is for Halloween, we’re not sure we have space for this in our closets.


5. Fendi Vagina Scarf

From wearing our hearts on our sleeves, we’ve come down to wearing our vaginas around our necks, or so Fendi believes after it was trolled by launching a scarf which looks like you’re wearing a vagina. We’re sure it wasn’t the intent, but the resemblance really is uncanny! We are still shaking our heads at fashion companies’ obsession with wanting to wear and show off our genitalia in the name of fashion.


6. Bum Ripped Shorts

It was fine till the time we were putting on ripped jeans, even as our parents shook their heads in disbelief that we had paid money for them. But these ‘bum ripped shorts’ (that’s what we are calling them) have left very little to imagination. Aimed at the ones who want to show off how many squats they do at the gym, these are clearly not for us. Mainly because we don’t do squats, but also we don’t want our ample derriere on display.


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