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7 Things Only Your BFF Is Allowed To Say Or Do

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There is quite an upgrade from being a friend to a best friend in one’s life. You’re now in the inner circle, the bit where you start to become a sounding board, a crying shoulder and the first port of call when shit hits the roof. At this point, with these responsibilities, come the power. Mainly that you could anything to her and she wouldn’t take offence. You’re allowed to do the same. Beyonce was right; ‘All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriends’. Here’s a list of things that only your BFF would get away with:

1. Tell you how that guy you’re interested in is not all that great.

With any other friend, them voicing their thoughts about how unfit a guy for us is, might be walking on thin ice. Leave the friendly advice to the pros, aka, the best friends.

2. Tell you, you look fat, or too skinny.

BFFs know. It’s part of their job. They know when you’ve lost or gained weight. And they are the only people allowed to bodyshame us in good spirit.

3. Take your clothes without asking.

It is a total BFF privilege, to raid closets, pick anything that fits and then probably claim it as their own. Anyone else must maintain a one hand distance with our wardrobe at all times.

4. Take care of you when you’re drunk.

More than a right, this is a best friend’s responsibility. To take care of their sloshed best friend, when all they want is to puke their guts out, and later, tuck them in.

5. Take money from you, and not keep hisaab.

Hisaab is a concept that BFFs are seldom acquainted with. With them, money will not be a variable to measure anything. For all others, we have a ledger maintained!

6. Squatting at your place for days on stretch.

When you’ve been friends for so long, the line between what is yours and theirs, gets real blurry, real fast,. Your house and your room for instance. Your house basically becomes their second home, and they’re allowed to squat there with their mess for as long as they like, even if you don’t.

7. Guilt-trip/blackmail you into doing things for them.

They say, when you can’t find a way, you make one! And while emotional blackmail is one of the most successful ways to get things done, but only our BFFs are allowed to tread along that road! Those puppy dog eyes or empty threats won’t work on us unless you qualify as a member from our tribe.


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