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The Internet Is Having Fun On International Men’s Day. And We Love It!

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It’s International Men’s Day! Of course, we can think of bunch of jokes. But hey, for once, let’s not do that. Let’s take a moment to not just appreciate the difference men are making to the society by showing constant support for important causes but also to acknowledge the redefinition of ‘being a man’. When the pressure is to hide behind masculinity, to not tear up because it’s not cool, to being violent because, well, testosterone, maybe we should be compassionate. Here is to breaking stereotypes, and getting past the clichéd ways a man is ‘supposed’ to be. Here is to inviting sensitivity and compassion without feeling any less ‘manly’. Here is to wearing pink and enjoying chick-flicks without feeling guilty. And here are a few tweets that we particularly enjoyed on the occasion. (The ones that look at the lighter side of things!)


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