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5 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Funk Up Your Look!

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It’s that time of the year when Halloween dawns upon us again! The ‘supposed-to-be’ scary tradition has eventually become more of a style statement over the years. Yes, in the past we have seen those generic Halloween costumes, which are, in all honesty, sort-of overdone and clichéd *cough* nurse, Catwoman, bunny *cough*. I mean, remember Mean Girls? No, we are in no way encouraging you to dress the Mean Girls way (unless that’s your thing), but yes, we can help you make your costume selection a bit more…interesting (unless you want to have an ‘I’m a mouse, duh!’ moment).

Speaking from experience, I am aware what a task getting that Halloween makeup right can be. I know it’s a scary holiday, but the look won’t really be appreciated if that’s not what you were going for in the first place, right? Over ambitious or too cautious — either way, there’s always a major chance that you’ll end up looking like ‘Barbie On Elm Street’ instead. Well, to make your life a little easier, we’ve got your back — scroll down to see a couple of easy and gorgeous Halloween makeup looks you can give a go this time!


A style that is totally trending at the moment is the mermaid! Funny how all our Disney fantasies are coming alive, isn’t it? Giving you a more IRL Ariel, this tutorial is probably one of the easiest step-by-step videos that breaks down the look — whether you choose bright blues and purples, or silvers and golds!



The half-skull has definitely been a staple for a couple of years now. Usually going the rather scary route, this tutorial gives a cutesy touch to the creepy skull. Easy to follow and attempt, this look is ideal if you want something pretty with that definitive Halloween boo!



Bambi would be proud! This deer makeup video involves contouring to the next level. By accentuating your usual go-to contour routine, this tutorial uses highlighting and contouring to create that cute deer-like face.



Now this is a smart Halloween trend you can try! This makeup routine is great for all you comic lovers. Giving you that Betty-Veronica-esque vibe, all products can be used from your usual makeup kit!



Going for something dark and evil, but still want to retain that sexiness? This beautiful dark fairy makeup tutorial is your ideal choice — plus it totally uses the current season’s trends of glitter on the eyes and lips.


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