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#HauteHack: Charge Your Phone Like A Boss

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Your phone is an extension of your everyday life, and little to no battery life can make you very depressed, very quickly. (Because, FOMO.) And at Hauterfly HQ, we’re all about discovering and testing simple tips and tricks to make our lives easier. So what do you do when you’re running out of juice and need to charge on the fly? Here are some easy hacks to turbo charge your phone in under 20 minutes.

1. Switch off your phone. This will not only charge your device faster but also extend battery life. Consuming power while the phone charges – playing Candy Crush while you wait, are you? – is a surefire way to prolong charging time and you don’t want that.

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2. Put it in airplane mode if you want to keep your phone switched on. Signal transmission can drain quite a lot of battery, and switching to airplane mode will prevent this. You won’t be able to receive calls or text messages though, so turn on WiFi if you can’t bear to be incommunicado. Just remember: the more you use your phone the longer it’ll take to charge.



3. Plug your cable into a wall charger instead of a USB port on your computer. A proper, dedicated wall charger will juice up your device faster as it can draw more power. When you’re in a hurry, a wall charger is a quicker bet.

4. Use the phone’s original cable or a high-powered USB charger. Surprisingly, your charging cable can be the difference between faster or slower charging time. If you have a cheap USB cable (usually the very thin ones), it’ll slow down the process because it is unable to transport enough power. If you don’t have your phone’s original cable, buy a good quality one from a brand you trust.


5. Read our post on the 7 Reasons Why Your Battery Is Draining So Quickly.

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