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7 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Dying So Quickly

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A “battery low” notification makes our hearts skip a beat, and not in a good way. After all, there are tons of things we do with our smartphones everyday (WhatsApp, taking selfies, posting on social media, lurking on social media…you get the drift!), and not having enough juice to do the things you need to do is just not on.

Luckily, you can count on us to uncover the best tips and tricks to save the day. Listed below are the sneakiest culprits and our handy tip sheet for smart ways to make your battery last longer.

1. Killing Me Softly


It’s great that you’re foregoing an annoying ring tone for a gentler vibration to notify you about incoming calls and messages. However, that little buzzer is a major battery killer. A word to the wise: use sparingly.

2. Too Bright, Sunshine!


We know you want to shine bright like a diamond (you go, girl!), but your phone display? Not so much. Reduce its brightness, or better still, enable auto brightness. This will allow your phone to automatically adjust according to surrounding lighting and also save precious battery life.

3. Lost Cause

Among the worst offenders in your quest for solid battery power are location-tracking apps like Google Maps and weather apps. They can be saviours when you’re lost but are power guzzlers each time you work them. The same goes for all apps you’re not actively using; close them fully instead of minimising them.

4. Refreshing, Isn’t It?



If you’re anything like us, you’re addicted to your social feeds and probably check them on the hour. That Facebook app on your phone though? Major battery demon. The app keeps refreshing itself even when you aren’t using it. The smart thing to do is disable Background App Refresh in your settings for all apps that don’t need it.

5. Manual Labour

Automatically syncing your photos to the cloud every day? Don’t. Every time your phone syncs to Google Photos or Dropbox, your poor little battery gets majorly overworked. Instead, set your phone to manually sync when you connect to a computer.

6. Why-Fi?



Keeping your WiFi on even after you’re out of a free WiFi zone is a surefire way to exhaust your phone’s battery. Your phone will continue to search for a WiFi signal as you move along, so be sure to disable it when you don’t require internet access. The same goes for Bluetooth. Switch it off as soon as you’re done transferring data.

 7. Don’t Push It

You love being instantly notified every time someone hearts your selfie on Instagram or mentions you on Twitter. But vanity comes at a price, especially for your trusty phone. Too many push notifications will quickly deplete battery life, so turn them off and limit them only to important apps.

Little things go a long way in conserving battery power. However, if your phone still keeps going dark on you, here’s how to charge it super quick when you’re on the go.



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