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This Stationery Brand Is Celebrating 20 Years Of Harry Potter With Diaries & Badges

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Two things happened in these last couple of days. First, Harry Potter completed 20 years of existence and the second, I realised I’m officially old.

But no matter what, my obsession for the magical world of Hogwarts is never going to die, ever. And anything even remotely related to it gets me excited. I mean, there are tears of joy in my eyes looking at a broom. Yup.

So when the global online stationery store, Once Upon A Flutter, announced that they are launching a cool new collection, inspired by the J.K Rowling series, I knew what I wanted for my birthday. (Just saying, it’s in less than a month)

Postcards, posters, badges, diaries, and more, have been designed and created by MinaLima, the official graphic designers for Warner Bros and the Harry Potter movies! That only means it is as authentic as it can get. These artworks are originals that you cannot miss out on.

The collection includes proclamation posters prohibiting boys and girls from standing near each other (a talking point at any dinner party), wizarding replica exercise books for students, and art prints celebrating everyone’s favourite fictional sport, Quidditch, And it all goes live on their website tomorrow.

Scroll down to see the exclusive preview of the products and to bookmark your favourite! These are literally every fan’s dream come true.


Harry Potter Stationery Collection_Hauterfly

Proclamation No.82 Poster (Rs 2,850)


Harry Potter Stationery Collection_Hauterfly

Exposure Clock Pin Badge (Rs 550)


Harry Potter Stationery Collection_Hauterfly

Qudditch Blue Poster (Rs 2,850)


Harry Potter Stationery Collection_Hauterfly

The Hogwarts Express Series Notecards (Rs 2,250)


Harry Potter Stationery Collection_Hauterfly

Hogwarts Replica Exercise Book (Rs 2,450)


Harry Potter Stationery Collection_Hauterfly

Hogwarts Replica Exercise Book (Rs 2,450)


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