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10 Coffee Gifts Perfect For Your Caffeine Addicted Best Friend

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If someone asks me what my last wish would be, I can safely say it would be to have a cappuccino and doughnuts. My relationship with coffee is something that will never change and it will always, always be a priority.

I mean, it is the first thing I want to see in the morning, want close to me when I’m sad, want by my side when I’m dancing around with joy. Clearly, I love my coffee and there is nothing that can replace it. No one has the same qualities.

And I’m glad I have people around me who resonate with these feelings. In fact, we aren’t allowed to talk to our editor till she has had her coffee. We are a bunch of proud grumpy cats.

So, when you have to think of gifting coffee lovers anything, it isn’t really a task. Anything and everything remotely related to the 6-letter word will give them the feels — whether it’s a coffee scrub or a diary with a kickass coffee quote on it. Excited? Me too!

Scroll down and check out this curated list of products that will fill your or your caffeine-addicted bestie’s life with the aroma of coffee.

PS: Tea addicts, we have a list for you too! Keep reading the site for more.


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Abeers Khadi Coffee Mocha Delite Scrub (Rs 215)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

The Souled Store Types Of Coffee T-Shirt (Rs 499)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Rustic Art Organic Coffee Soap (Rs 155)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Doodle Collection Coffee Addict Tab Brown Diary (Rs 255)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Propshop24 Coffee Mug (Rs 450)



Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Propshop 24 Coffee Fridge Magnet (Rs 200)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

The Souled Store Caffeine Addict Bag (Rs 799)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Propshop24 Door Mat (Rs 1000)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Pepperfry Resonance Coffee & Vanilla Aroma Candle (Rs 429)


Gifts For Coffee Lovers_Hauterfly

Poster Gully Coffee Coasters (Rs 125)


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