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7 Fun Wall Art Pieces For Your Home Or Office

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Whether it’s your home or work space, every girl should have a little pop of art that brightens up a wall or two. We’ve found a bunch of super fun graphic pieces from Indian artists/stores that you’ll want to get your hands on stat.

Scroll down for some serious inspiration!


Graphicurry_Marilyn Monroe_Hauterfly


 1. Graphicurry Monroe Tribute Wall Art (Rs 699)

This fun caricature of Marilyn Monroe of her iconic look is bound to add some sex appeal to a boring wall that needs funking up. Mix it up with other wall pieces, or place it on your desk for a cool twist.




 2. India Circus City Heritage Framed Wall Art (Rs 11,320)

This colourful wall art juxtaposing Gateway of India with the Taj Mahal Hotel takes two iconic Mumbai landmarks and gives them a seriously contemporary twist.




3. Shweta Malhotra Iconic Bollywood Outfits Print (Rs 1,000 – 3,500)

Independent graphic artist Shweta Malhotra has a keen eye for pop culture, music, lifestyle and fashion and this shows in her unique works. This print showcasing iconic Bollywood outfits from Dimple Kapadia in Bobby to Madhuri Dixit in Sailaab definitely makes it to our #HauteList. For shopping inquiries, write to




4. Mad(e) In India Peacock Pair Wall Art (Rs 1,290)

The peacock is not just the national bird of India, it is also symbol of beauty and grace. This colourful print with exquisite detailing is sure to brighten up even the dullest corner of your room.




5. Fatfatiya Farmed Taxis Collage Art Print (Rs 1,000)

This cool Pop Art print of rickshaws available on Yellow Trunk is perfect for those who love all things kitschy. In Rajasthan, these three-wheeled rickshaw taxis are traditionally called “fatfatiya”, from which the brand also derives its fun name.



6. Giftease Seven Rays Cassettes Pop Art Poster (Rs 500)

If you’re a 90s kid, you’re going to love the nostalgic vibe of this poster. Remember the time when mix tapes were the best things to happen to us?!




7. Mad(e) In India Bollywood Wall Art (Rs 990)

If you’re a Bollywood movie fan, then this multi-couloured wall art from Mad(e) In India will make your day. The bright pop of pink and movie name blurbs make this one a fully film wall frame!



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