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Vegetarians, Here Are 8 Restaurants To Head To For Amazing Sushi

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They say that vegetarian sushi is an oxymoron, a tall tale, even a legend, if you will. Well, they are soy wrong, and whenever we are told that, we can’t control our tempura. Vegetarians can have sushi too, without or without fish. And so, we present our picks of the best vegetarian sushi in Mumbai.


Kofuku Vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

1. Kofuku

Kofuku in Bandra has a good hand with making authentic Japanese food, and this extends to vegetarian food too. They serve 2 types of sushis – nigiri and saki. Nigiri is sushi with 2 ingredients – a bed of rice and vegetables. 2 in a portion are served. Maki is what they do best – proper sushi rolls cut into 8 pieces. The recommended ones are the Super Crunchy Rolls (yes, that is the name), Special Vegetarian Rolls, and California Rolls, among other options.


Pa Pa Ya Vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

2. Pa Pa Ya

Pa Pa Ya, situated swankily on the top floor of Palladium mall, has quickly become one of our favourite pan-Asian food joints in the city. They are generous with their options when it comes to sushi — you should try their Vegetarian Spicy Avocado, Maki Rolls, and Spicy Taki Roll. You can also try their Sushi Burger, and a vegetarian sushi matrix, which is literally a geometric construction of food, where 19 pieces of different types of sushi are served up on a wooden matrix-like structure.


Joss Vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

3. Joss

Joss, Santacruz’s answer to the call for sushi, has one of the most extensive vegetarian sushi menus in town, and they go beyond just avocado. Edamame and Wasabi Sushi for the lovers of wasabi, Sundowner Rolls, which are made of fresh asparagus tempura with parmesan aioli, and Carrot and Onion Rolls with spicy sauce are some of the many options offered. They also give a huge Platter Veg. Sushi Boat, which is literally a lot of sushi on one big boat.


Sushi Cafe vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

4. Sushi Café

Sushi Cafe, a really small, easy-to-miss restaurant in Pali Hill, Bandra, has really delicious sushi options – and even vegetarian ones. Try their Ikibana Vegetarian Sushi with asparagus, avocado, and cucumber, and the Tofu Chilli Sushi with a spicy Japanese chilli sauce.They come with 8 pieces in a portion. If you aren’t in the mood to get out of your PJs, you can get them home-delivered too.


Mibonsa Vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

5. Mibonasa

Vegetarians in Navi Mumbai know that when they feel a sushi craving coming on, Mibonasa is always a good idea. Their classic California Rolls are delicious, and they offer unusual (for sushi) flavours too, such as Spicy Corn Rolls (with deep-fried corn) and Soya Bean Rolls. Love a bit of spice? Try their Sushi On Fire Roll with jalapeno stuffing in it. Maybe, you should make a trip for this.


Global Fusion vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

6. Global Fusion

Global Fusion rolls up amazing sushi for vegetarians and vegans alike, and it isn’t too expensive too. Your best bet would be to take just a little longer lunch break, and head to their restaurant on a weekday. Their lunch buffet is priced at Rs 760 only, and you can eat all the sushi you want. Also, if you are a novice to sushi-eating, the staff here is well-trained enough to know not to snigger, and graciously explains the concept to you.


Zen cafe Vegetarian Sushi in Mumbai_Hauterfly

7. Zen Café

Did you know about the existence of this little café inside Raghuvanshi Mills? We only just discovered it now, and they apparently make some of the best vegetarian sushi in town. Avocado Roll, California Roll, Cucumber Roll, and even a Red Pepper and Mushroom Roll is what they offer. Also serving Yasai Zushi – which is a mixed assortment of 16 pieces of sushi. You should definitely check this place out.


Wink at Taj Vivanta Vegetarian Sushi In Mumbai_Hauterfly

8. Wink at Taj Vivanta

Slightly off the radar when it comes to the Japanese cuisine, but if you are in Cuffe Parade and don’t mind pulling on a few purse strings, check out this in the lobby-lounge at Taj Vivanta. They have a good selection of both Nigiri and Maki Sushi, with 5 to 6 options in each type. What you should try is their Shitake Mushroom Sushi Roll, as well as the Pickle Radish Roll.

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