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This Insta Food Trend Is Too Cute To Handle!

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Instagram has become the birthplace for trends, both amazing and weird. It has taken over the social media world and has set the guidelines for what is awesome and what is not. And the latest craze that has hit the social media site is panda macarons. Yes, who knew macarons could get even better! Single people, this is my gift to you.

Not only pandas, there are macarons inspired by the entire animal kingdom, and damn right, they are cute. Since it was V-Day and all yesterday, it will basically be the best last-minute present for bae, or even if you didn’t do anything, nobody can say no to a box of these cuties. I mean, just scroll down and take a look at these posts by Melly Eats World, a Toronto-based baker, and you will understand my feelings.












And there is a unicorn one too!


It seems like the baking community is having a real love affair with anything unicorn of late. What is the appeal of unicorns? They do not fly (that's Pegasus) and do not really possess magical abilities (do they?) Also, why are unicorns always associated with rainbows?? Tell me your unicorn story, inquiring minds want to know~!?? . . . Cookie cutter purchased from the talented @dekoekenbakkers! . . #かわいい #可愛い #甜點 #手作りお菓子 #クッキー #unicorn #獨角獸 #magical #ユニコーン #cookies #dessertgram #cookingram #birthday #instafood #instagood #f52grams #weddingcookies #sweets #desserts #rainbow #decoratedcookies #cookieartist #餅乾 #valentines #sprinkles #foodgasm #cuteanimals #torontofoodie #throwback #小動物

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