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12 Ice Cream-Inspired Products That Will Make Your Home Oh So Sweet!

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When I think of summer, I think floral prints, pastel shades, bright and happy hues, and most importantly, ice cream. Tubs and tubs of soulful, creamy, yummy ice cream.

But, one look at my growing waistline and bulging tummy is enough to give me a much-needed reality check. Now, sometimes the idea of #Yolo crosses my mind and before I know it, I’m already 3 scoops down, high on sugar, jumping around like a monkey.

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So, in order to showcase my love for ice cream and still manage to keep those calories in control, I decided to change the décor of my space into one that looks like a dessert haven.

Clocks, bedsheets, mouse pads, coasters, and even planters, these products are for those who can’t help but channel their inner child and drool every time they look at ice cream.

Who said that it is only for kids? We all need a little bit of sweetness in our lives, and what better way than to incorporate it in your home.

Now excuse me while I go order some sweet treats!


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

PosterGuy 3 Scoop Icecream Pattern Coaster (Rs 199)

Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

PosterGuy Ice Cream Pattern Table Clock (Rs 549)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Uptown 18 Strawberry And Cupcake Cream Table Mats (Rs 1999)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

The Souled Store Popsicle Pattern Poster (Rs 399)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly


Engrave Ice Cream Cone Planter (Rs 750)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Poster Gully Ice Cream Mousepad (Rs 199) 


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Decor Kafe Wall Stickers (Rs 289)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Uptown 18 Small Eclair Cushion Cover (Rs 499)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Topsy Turvy 3-D Ice Cream Cushions (Rs 350)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Lush Decor Cupcake Ice Cream Curtain (Rs 8,425)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Ali Express Ice Cream Print Duvet Cover Set (Rs 3,700 approx.)


Ice Cream Decor_Hauterfly

Pepperfry Little Things Ice Cream Magnets (Set of 4) (Rs 939)


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