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#HauteSpaces: Freshdesk’s Chennai Office Is The Epitome Of Creativity

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Who doesn’t love a pretty home/work space? I know the answer to that one. So now, every week, I will go in search for the most stunning indoor spaces in our country that will inspire the inner decorator in you. Unique, colourful, or quirky, these photo stories are sure to leave you spellbound, like mouth-hanging-open spellbound. If you know or use a space that fits the description, ping me and we can chat! It can be anything from a home to an office, a studio to a restaurant — if it is fun, I’m game!

If we were to make a list of practically possible life goals, working in a pretty office would definitely be in the top 10. And some people in Chennai, around 500 of them, are living that dream. Freshdesk, a customer service startup that opened doors 6 years back, has come a long way, both in success and their office space. From a 1,000-sq-ft office to a 60,000-sq-ft, they have revamped the interiors, and how!

The head office literally looks like a child splashed paint all over it — and no, it’s not a mess, it is a work of art done right. The first thing you notice when you enter the space are the words ‘I feel good today’, a phrase that instantly energises and helps fuel creativity. With an open office plan, it is setting benchmarks for organisations everywhere. Right from the CEO to the latest recruit, every employee sits together on the same floor, initiating healthy professional relationships. And that attitude sums up the interiors beautifully.

There is an element of fun and vibrancy in every piece of furniture that is placed around the office. Chairs and swings suspended from the ceiling, large green and red couches sprawled across, seating with quirky prints — rest assured, the employees are taking fewer breaks through the day! There are meeting areas for every possible scenario — spacious areas for impromptu, fun team meets as well as confined spaces for more serious discussions. Like most offices now, Freshdesks has a big gymnasium and a cafeteria, too. But, as the office has to stay true to its Chennai genes, it has Rajnikanth inspired graffiti on the cafe walls! Talking about walls, almost all of them have a motivational quotes painted on them, inspiring everyone who glances at them to hustle.

The property is a combination of steel, greenery, and art. While the standard cubicles look mundane, the walls have monsters twirling and dancing around, giving off some serious pop culture #Feels. A ‘bio’ wall on one side is covered with a carpet of plants, entwined with warm yellow lights. Then, when they ran out of ideas and the space was looking empty, they added a slide. Yes, a slide!

With an office like this, calling it home should be pretty easy. While the employees battle it out on the foosball table, we can only dream of such a space by looking at the images below!

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