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The Teaser Trailer For The Power Rangers Movie Is Here!

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On Saturday, the trailer for the next Power Rangers movie was released at the Comic Con in New York. It is after a decade that the third Ranger movie is coming out, and to say we are excited would be an understatement. Every ’90s kid is dancing up and down with joy right no, no? Isn’t 2016 turning out to be a pretty good year for us, what with Pokemon first and now, Power Rangers? The film is slated to release on March 24, 2017. I know, a long wait but the trailer makes it worth the wait.

The cast — Red Ranger Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Pink Ranger Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Blue Ranger Billy (RJ Cyler), Black Ranger Zack (Ludi Lin), and Yellow Ranger Trini (Becky G) — look so promising in the teaser that I don’t know what magic they will weave in the movie! I remember having a huge crush on the red one in every franchise of the Rangers, be it Dino Thunder or S.P.D. The story is one we’ve heard before — 5 high-school kids who are bullied on a daily basis, find power coins that give them superpowers. Soon, they are seen fighting aliens to save their hometown. Typical superhero story, no? But do we care? I didn’t think so.

While I shamelessly watch the trailer for a 100th time, you guys check out these 7 reasons why the Power Rangers are AWESOME!

1. Never Give Up

More than my mom, the Rangers have taught me that how to never give up and to keep fighting, no matter what. There will be people who will pull you down at every step, but you have to get up and move on!

2. True Friendship

If your best friend is not like a Ranger, she is not your BFF!

3. Dance Your Worries Away

Have you seen them dance? We sure can take a lesson or two from them in this area.

4. Don’t Mix Professional And Personal Lives

Falling in love with a fellow teammate will not end well. Avoid it, if you can!

5. Stay Healthy

You just cannot be a Ranger if you don’t eat right. Staying fit is an important life lesson the team teaches us.

6. Change Is Constant

Rangers come and go. Our lives change constantly, and we just have to accept that fact graciously!

7. They are #SquadGoals

Now, the #HauteSquad is major squad goals, but we do seek inspiration from the Rangers, as well.


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