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#HauteSounds: The Dualist Inquiry X The F 16s Collab Has Us Hooked!

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When Sahej Bakshi, aka Dualist Inquiry, first came into the limelight in 2011 with Dualism, we knew he was here to stay. Five years later, he is out with a new album that, apart from his singles, has some major collaborations. One and perhaps the best is with indie band, The F 16s. Their song Trainwreck is anything but that.

The entire album, though, has received some flak for being mediocre, with some critics even going so far to say that the 29-year-old has lost his charm. But this mash-up is the silver lining. With its rock-drummer beats and the whole ’90s pop feel going on, this one is a hit with the #HauteSquad. And to top that off are Bakshi’s guitar riffs which sound amazing with Joshua Fernandez’s effortless voice that has certainly given the track a whole new dimension.

The Chennai-based band has made its mark and shown us its musical prowess with some kickass tracks like Light Bulbs, only increasing its popularity with this collaboration. Their recent performance at antiSOCIAL in Khar, Mumbai, was a major hit. Catch them next on October 20 at The Humming Tree, Bangalore.

Dreamcatchers also has tracks like Zero Hour and Opaque that have Kavya Trehan jamming with the Dualist Inquiry. Also. Nicholson’s track For Joss, though slow, has a hint of EDM to it. Listen to the Trainwreck below and the whole album, here.


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