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3 Simple Tricks To Fast-Track Your Career

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Worklife can be a bit of a bitch. Especially if it’s not running at the pace you desire. Which is usually always the sticky spot. And that abysmal feeling of IAB (I Am Bored!) settles in, gnawing you to the roots of your so-far glorious professional existence. How many of us have faced this crisis in our work life, where the job you once loved, and gave your blood and sweat to, ended up with a rather disillusioned setback of IHTFP (I Hate This Fucking Place)!

More often than not, and as is human nature (where the easiest way to get away with your follies is to project it on someone else), you’ll often find excuses in a lame boss, or an organisation culture that doesn’t give a rat’s ass; despite you excelling at every task you’ve been assigned till date. Yet the result of what you believe is your hard-earned, deserved right falls largely short of your expectation. Have you ever wondered why this happens to the best of us?

In my opinion, it’s also got to do with us sometimes, at different levels. So after a decade-long run in the corporate rat race and having had the privilege as well as the misfortune to experience some of the BEST and BADASS bosses one can encounter, there are definitely a few tricks of the trade I’ve learnt. Sometimes, even the hard way.

Recognition isn’t coming knocking at your desk when it’s the ‘right’ time, any time soon. So unless you’re on a career merry-go-round, try these sure fire tricks to help you take the leap (of faith!).


1. Network, network, network



This is one of those lifelong career-progress-essential lessons I learnt the hard way. It really isn’t enough to master the skills of your trade, it’s equally (if not more) important to know the right people in your trade, at the right time.

So, the first thing you need to do, while you’re still tapping away your success story on your CV is to get your butt out of the office periphery. It’s important to meet people from (and outside) your fraternity, introduce, and get introduced. You never know who requires a bright spark like you, and when.

At the same time, the geek from your office could well become your future referral, so while you’re at it to bag some influential contacts, do not forget the girl across the table. You never know when one comes of help, not least in the professional environment. Especially when career and job swapping is the order of the day.


2. Find a mentor



This isn’t as easy as it sounds, because it usually happens the other way round, i.e. the mentor finds you. Like my first super-boss. Who taught me the business of publishing — and as a writer, that’s an area you’re always weary. But understanding commercials held me in much better stead to the stakeholders, resulting in a far quicker career graph to the top.

Finding someone who can guide you to the helm of the corporate ladder is a rare phenomenon. Even rarer is to find someone who you actually get along with, irrespective of the age or no-age difference.

Mentoring is less about the position and more about the person. So choose wisely. Irrespective of whether he/she’s your boss or a colleague, make sure this person has EVERY career answer for you and is easily accessible on text, Whatsapp, and email.


3. Sell yourself like a pro (without sounding a brag)



While it’s okay to not go OTT when it comes to showing off your past achievements, it’s always nice to let your colleagues know (politely) where your strengths lie. Some amount of humble brag never hurt anyone. If anything, it lets your co-workers and your boss know that you’re no rookie in the business, and the one who can get things done.

However, please be aware when you’re going on one of those bragging sprees. If you tend to overdo it, it can actually have an adverse effect. No boss appreciates a show-off. It’s your work that you really need to show off.


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