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It’s All About The ‘Moustache Man’ For Tatiana’s Shoes

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I am FINALLY moving into my new home (if you know me, you know that it’s been a long time coming), and I am super excited to fill it with quirky little things. I have already stocked up on cat hangers, hanging bird cages, and tin organisers, and this moustache man doormat fits in so perfectly with the theme. I know it may sound like I am overdoing things, but trust me when I say that everything is still very miniamlistic for me — minimalism with a twist of ‘cool’. I am pretty particular about how clean and organised my things are — I am not eccentric, but I do make sure everything is in place. This includes no dirty feet on the bed, no shoes on any throw rugs, no dirty hands against the wall…okay, maybe I am eccentric.


Moustache Coirmat Doormat


One thing I have realised living the last year in Mumbai is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, gets dusty in a click of a finger. Like seriously! And one the main source is…yep, you guessed right…footwear. Nothing is worse than walking into your house and finding a trail of footsteps left behind. Step in the doormat (yes, pun-intended)! I’ve been a fan of the moustache man for a while, so I instantly fell in love with this little cutey. Just look at it! It’s adorable. I mean, who wants a boring ‘welcome’ mat when you can have something as weird as this? Also, I am hoping it will make my neighbours think I am strange, and so won’t intrude whenever they feel like it — if they follow the saying…curiosity killed the cat. Meow!

SHOP NOW: Moustache Coirmat Doormat (Rs 1,290)


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