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Throw Some Shade In Farozan’s Pick Of The Week!

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For someone who loves natural light as much as I do, I sure hate having the sun in my eyes. It makes me cranky, headache-y, and grouchy. So, I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to sunglasses, just so I can soak in the sun and have fun while I do it. I’ve been testing a lot of pairs lately and have finally found the perfect one that helps me throw some serious shade!

Enter the gorgeous Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Classic, the one pair that rules ‘em all. This modern take on the classic aviator is a must-have. I tend to look at sunglasses as something of an investment, so I don’t mind paying the slightly high Rs. 6,990 price tag. If I can justify long-term, regular use, I’ll buy it. It’s totally worth the price considering how high it scores on comfort, style, and the number of compliments I receive. In my opinion, the classic shape and tortoiseshell pattern ensures that I can happily rock this pair even in 2017!


ray-ban-cats-5000- Classic_Inpost_Hauterfly

Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Classic Sunglasses


I love how it completely shields my peepers from the sun’s harsh glares, thanks to its polarized lenses and 100% UV protection. The lightweight plastic build and tortoise shell rim keep me looking cool even when I’m sweating it! Also, in my personal experience, I find that Ray-Ban tends to make the most long-lasting pieces; they aren’t flimsy, which is a big plus for someone as clumsy as yours truly. Considering the fact that I’ve never broken a pair despite the fact that I regularly fling them into my bag du jour with a decent amount of force is something worth considering.

So if you’re looking to start a long-term relationship with a pair of sunnies that’ll help you stay bright, go ahead and get your hands on this pair, it’s on our #HauteList, after all.

SHOP NOW: Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Classic Sunglasses (Rs 6,990)


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