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Mansi Has Found Herself An Unbelievably Stylish Blazer

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I remember how I’d always end up with formal clothes that were inevitably black when I went shopping with my father as a little girl. Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I am a firm believer that black is beautiful. But black on an 8-year-old when the rest of my gal pals were wearing every hue of pink and other girly colours made me feel like Wednesday from The Addams Family. Only when I moved out of home — first to study, then to work — did I actually start shopping for myself. Even now, I subconsciously find myself veering towards formal clothes in grey or black. I guess some memories stick to you more than others!

Even though I’m trying hard to break out of the rut and incorporate more colours and feminine silhouettes in my wardrobe, I simply can’t ignore the lure of a great formal outfit. The last couple of days have been a little hectic at work and I’m really looking forward to an upcoming after-work drinks sesh with my #HauteSqaud. And so I’ve been on Mission: Hunt-For-A -Great-Work-To-Party-Outfit for some time. Obviously, the #HauteSquad won’t paint the town red in Plain Jane clothes, and any occasion to play dress up is always welcome around here!


Lavish Alice Metallic Stripe Collarless Cape Blazer in post_Hauterfly

Lavish Alice Metallic Collarless Cape Blazer


I found this extremely sharp blazer on Koovs today, that was love at first sight. First things first, I heart that steely grey colour. It’s so sophisticated, that #ICantEven! The striped print gives this blazer a textured appearance, and I love how the open front gives this a relaxed vibe. The structured shoulders make it look sharp in an uptown chic manner. I could either wear this over a stylish blouse and pleated trousers or with a structured jumpsuit. So much love!

SHOP NOW: Lavish Alice Metallic Collarless Cape Blazer (Rs 4,895)


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