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20 Best Picks From The Kenzo x H&M Collaboration!

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If there’s anything that proves high fashion can be crazy fun, it’s the new fast fashion collaboration of Kenzo x H&M. If you haven’t been living under the proverbial rock, you’ll already have seen bits and pieces of this collection online and in your newsfeeds in the past few weeks. Designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo have cooked up a mad collection of 113 pieces that wouldn’t look out of place — like at all — in a warehouse acid rave in 1990s London.

In fact, technicolour animal prints look right at home on statement maxi dresses, pants, coats, jackets, and scarves. Many of the attention-grabbing coats and dresses in the collection allude to Kenzo’s classic designs, but are mixed with psychedelic colours and graphic floral prints for contemporary appeal. There’s a wide range of accessories too, including visor sunglasses, totes, gloves, beanies, flip-flops, socks, and boots.

For those who are unfamiilar with Kenzo’s aesthetic, the house was established by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in 1970 after he moved to Paris. He quickly earned a reputation there for mixing animal print motifs with Japanese design details and European atelier production, turning the staid sensibilities of Parisien fashion houses on their heads. So much so, that his vibrant visual aesthetic eventually came to be described as “Jungle Jap”. In 2011, Lim and Leon were tapped to helm the fashion house and revitalised it with colourful streetwear staples that Instagram influencers, fashion editors, and the general public took to with instant ease.

Now, with this new H&M collaboration, you can buy into Kenzo’s East-meets-West couture designs at a *relatively* more affordable price point. (Considering H&M’s usually super affordable pieces, this premium collection doesn’t come cheap.)

Yes, you’re going to be OVERWHELMED by this pattern-heavy, overly colourful collection. So we’re making things easy for you. Here are the 2o best pieces to shop from the Kenzo x H&M collaboration, which hits stores today.

You’re welcome!



Off-The-Shoulder Top (Rs 3,999)



Reversible Silk Kimono (Rs 14,999)



Beaded Silk Blouse (Rs 5,499)



Frill-Collar Sweatshirt (Rs 3,999)



Off-The-Shoulder Blouse (Rs 4,499)



Patterned Blouse (Rs 4,499)



Reversible Silk Blend Dress (Rs 7,999)



Wide Silk Dress (Rs 12,999)



Patterned Dress (Rs 14,999)



Patterned Silk Skirt (Rs 5,999)



Patterned Scuba Pouch (Rs 3,999)



Cuff Bracelet (Rs 2,999)



Leather Chelsea Boots (Rs 12,999)



Large Leather Shopper (Rs 13,499)



Patterned Wool-Blend Scarf (Rs 5,499)



Patterned Silk Scarf (Rs 3,999)


Patterned Socks Pack (Rs 1,999)


Quilted Silk Dress (Rs 14,999)


Wool Leggings (Rs 2,999)


Patterned Backpack (Rs 12,999)

Not satisfied? Want more? To check out the entire collection, go here!

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