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Hemant Sagar Of Lecoanet Hemant Gives Us A Lowdown On Their Latest Exhibition

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Lecoanet Hemant is a label synonymous with bringing together artisinal couture and semi-industrial fashion. Prior to this movement, from 1984-2000, the 2 designers, Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar, were part of the Parisian Haute Couture Syndicate, during which they created 33 collections.

Bridging the gap between tradition and couture, Lecoanet Hemant is now showcasing an exhibition that is set up in order to demonstrate the research that goes into developing such pieces. So what’s in store? The curated exhibition basically highlights the designers’ creative work that’s been making a mark globally.

On display are 30 to 40 creations that were made in both Paris and Gurgaon. We caught up with Hemant, who gave us an insight into the upcoming exhibit.

Tell us more about this exhibition.

Basically, it is looking into a body of work which spreads over 2 decades, having started in Paris and ended here — it was a cultural move from Paris to Delhi.

In Paris, it was purely artisanal at the highest level of good couture, in which we had trained artisans, thus protecting the techniques from 200 years ago, and permitting us to do any madness in the collection.

You have things that just don’t work on a normal basis and unfortunately people don’t like it. In couture, impossible doesn’t exist — you can do the most incredible things in high fashion.

This is what we’ve done — we’ve desiccated all the different techniques that we’ve gone through over the years and have made them accessible into ready-to-wear and other such collections, essentially signifying them and making them scaleable industrially.


What was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration is from over 30 years of work and comparing procedures. In India, we perpetrate tradition as it is, but do not research into novelty, so tradition is getting stuck in the past tense. It’s all about research and development, where artisinal development became semi-industrial development.


Any special pieces that hold dear to you?

There are some pieces that are really special — there’s one piece, for example, that was made in the pentacle of a tapestry with 37 colours that are handwoven into a landscape. So that’s really special. I wouldn’t say I am in love with the picture, but I am in love with the technique and the fact that it was made.


What’s next in the pipelines for your label?

Above all, we are working on our online collection, and this is a very alive one made for international-minded Indians. It’s a whole new lifestyle — it’s not about daily chic, it’s a haute collection.

Catch the Lecoanet Hemant Exhibition from 19th – 22nd March 2017, 11 am to 6.30pm, at Bikaner House, Pandara Road, New Delhi.


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