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10 Times Fawad Khan Deserved To Top Your Man Crush List

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Yes, you’re right! Hauterfly IS your go-to site for women-related style and beauty know hows. But once in a while, we’re allowed to yield to temptation and discuss men. You know, the ones who are the reason why Man Crush Monday works as a successful hashtag (remember Ranveer Singh). In fact, I say… some men deserve #ManCrushEveryday. And if there’s one celebrity who’s getting that tag from me, it’s Fawad Khan.

At the Hauterfly HQ, when we recently discussed as to why Fawad Khan is such a heartthrob, the one reason that most of us agreed to was: He’s a rare combination of hot and gentlemanly. (Sigh, anyone’s got an address to the hiding place of such guys?) And as if bearded and good looking wasn’t enough, Fawad Khan now has another quality to add to his Dapper Man CV — an impeccable style sense. No, he’s not your new-to-the-scene guy for sure… but his style has had an evolution of sorts. And what’s best is, he comes across as a guy who doesn’t take the ‘dapper’ label too seriously, in turn seeming effortlessly stylish. In fact, his promotional looks for the upcoming movie Kapoor & Sons is a master class on ‘What Great Style Can Do For A Man!’. A special mention to fashion stylist Abhilasha Devnani; love what you’re doing out there! So here goes… the ten times Fawad Khan got you swooning (and unintentionally made your man jealous).


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 2_Hauterfly


1. A Zara mint green tee that’s mostly hidden under a suit by designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, Fawad gives men a perfect option for daywear. Accessorised with a pocket square by Raghuvendra Rathore, the actor completes his look with a pair of white sneakers from Zara. Here’s what I mean when I say ‘A man in a suit can do no wrong!’


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 3_Hauterfly


2. If that’s an attempt to give us the ‘good boy look’, well done Fawad… well done! Wearing a shirt by Bombay Shirt Company, Gas jeans and Buttons & Threads tie, Fawad slips on a sweater by Selected Homme. He rounds up his look sporting sneakers from Zara. Now if all the good boys looked this stylish, the theory ‘women go for bad guys’ would have no relevance whatsoever.


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 4_Hauterfly


3. Anchoring an early summer vibe, Fawad Khan works a linen jacket by Khanijo over a sweatshirt-detailed tee by Bhane, and Zara pants. Adding to that a pair of tan shoes from Hush Puppies, the actor has perfectly worked casual, comfortable, and stylish in just one look.


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 5_Hauterfly


4. Listen up guys… if someone tells you that ‘pink is extremely feminine’, turn a deaf ear to them. Because I think you’ve got to be man enough to even try that colour. And a guy who can pull off pink with ease definitely gets women going ‘Hot Guy Alert’. Here, Fawad teams a Corneliani shirt with a pair of pants by Brooks Brothers. He accessorises with a Buttons & Thread tie and Hats Off Accessories shoes. The only word: WOW!


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 6_Hauterfly


5. Fawad sure knows that something as simple as an all-black, casual look can charm the hell out of us. He works a Bhane t-shirt with a denim jacket from Zara, and Gas jeans. What’s not to like?


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 7_Hauterfly


6. Causing quite a style swerve, Fawad wears a crew neck tee from Selected Homme with a Brooks Brothers jacket, and pants from Zara. That hint of colour in the form of a mint green pocket square from Shingora; come on now, someone give this man the ‘suitably dapper’ award already! He is wearing Adidas Originals navy sneakers BTW.


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 8_Hauterfly


7. Fawad’s outfit befits the casual style roster — a t-shirt under a shirt combination. The actor works a Marks & Spencer tee under a Genes by Lecoanet Hemant henley shirt, along with a pair of jogger jeans from Kenneth & Cole. White Zara lace-up sneakers and Prada sunglasses and voila… here’s a man who owns his look.


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 1_Hauterfly


8. Who has ever been able to resist a man who looks crisp in a well-tailored suit? Fawad opts for a Corneliani suit that he accessorises with a Vanity Homme pocket square and Ermenegildo Zegna shoes. I’d say everything about him spells suave.


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 10_Hauterfly


9. Trust me when I say this, guys — even though sweatshirt season is officially over, it’s an essential and MUST make it to your wardrobe. Fawad is proof that a sweatshirt (he’s wearing Diesel) over a pair of jogger pants (Kenneth & Cole) is all it takes to look stylish. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, he’s wearing denim shoes by Scentra.


Fawad Khan_Kapoor & Sons 9_Hauterfly


10. If there was a style showdown to happen in Bollywood, Fawad would surely be one among the last men standing. Because boy, this man works both easy-going and tailored pieces like a pro. Here he teams a crew neck tee with a pair of pants and adds a bomber jacket to the look. Damn fine, ain’t it? Also, apologies ladies, but that’s all we’ve got for you.


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