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#HauteHack: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Old Leggings

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Don’t we all love those crazy hacks that help us seamlessly deal with our fashion and beauty issues? I know I do, and when the DIY bug hits me, I go into this whirlwind of researching the things I think I can do versus the things I can actually do. And with this one I vouch that it will work, only because I have tried and tested it out myself. If you are anything like me, then you must get rather upset when a garment that you love and probably spent an extra buck or two on meets an untimely death — both in terms of phased out trends, or even the usual rip. Well in times like those, turn your not-worthy leggings into a bodycon crop top! Yep, you read right.

DIY YouTube channel Handimania — along with other vloggers on the world wide web — have discovered a hack through which you can turn your stretchy leggings into a crop top with just one incision. Simply cut around the fork of the pant to create the neck of the top. You can either chop it off round, or in a V-shape, but just remember to start out small. This is mainly because leggings are usually made of a material that eventually stretches out, leaving you with a really wide neck. The legs of your leggings essentially become the arms, and the cut-out fork becomes the neck! Sounds simple, doesn’t it?!

You can adjust the length of the arms according to what you’d like, making it long or short-sleeved as per your preference. Well, now you know what to do with some of those strange printed leggings lying at the back of your wardrobe — just turn them into a fashionable crop top!


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